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What Is an AI Website Builder and How to Use It

What do we talk about when we talk about Artificial Intelligence? Is still sci-fi movies and dystopias or more like smart vacuum cleaners and Siri? It probably depends on a conversationalist. What we know for sure is that probably no one has told you about an AI website builder yet.

Numerous website constructors are offering as diverse functionalities and prices as possible. However, the majority just duplicates the services. Weblium is an exception.

How It Works

A user can order a custom website or create one for free using the templates – designer-made for different business niches. All the offered designs are already adjusted to different screens and devices. Moreover, the sites are easily consumed by Google crawlers. An update to a Pro version allows using a custom domain, provides a secure hosting (which is free for a year, by the way), an SSL certificate, and a personal mailbox. This sounds like a good starting kit. And all you have to do is basically to replace the texts and images.

How to create a website

So what Weblium has to do with AI? Can you just construct a website with voice commands? Well, maybe it will be possible in the future. For now, you’ve got a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, a huge library of templates to build a great website, and a smart design assistant.

Step 1. Sign up and Login

Click on one of those buttons at the top right corner, and you’ll see a familiar registration form. Enter your name, email, and password or use a Google/Facebook account.

Step 2. Create Your First Website

You’ll see this suggestion on your dashboard. Click on “Create New” to open the gallery with templates.

Step 3. Choose a Template

There is a list of categories on the left that makes the search easier. Nevertheless, you can just scroll down to check out all templates or create a blank one. Users can preview every template before editing.

Step 4. Add Your Content

The first thing to do after you decide on the design is to modify the content. It would be a happy coincidence if you own Mango Travel agency that can organize safari tours to Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. Otherwise, click on sample texts and enter/paste yours instead.

You can modify the menu as well. Rename, delete, add new items until the website looks like you planned.

You can also add more pages. Just don’t forget to set up the links and make them clickable.

There is a variety of blocks you can add on a page. If something is missing, you can click on “Request a block” at the end of the list and suggest an idea.

To ensure the originality of your content, using a duplicate content checker is always recommended. Remember to keep the content relevant and original. It is important for both brand image and searching engines.

Finally, change the images in the blocks. If you have some good shots from your tours, that would be perfect. If not, feel free to use the Gallery.

Weblium is integrated with Unsplash, a free photobank, so there are always beautiful high-quality images for your website.

Step 5. Set up the Website

SEO settings are the final step. Write a title and a description for the page. Add a favicon. Install a blog if you have some useful materials. Add social links. Connect your favorite apps, like Zapier, Mailchimp, and Telegram.

You can also connect tools and services for analytics – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Hotjar. There is an opportunity to use a custom domain name. For this, you’ll need to upgrade a user plan to “Pro For Personal Use,” but that is just $8.25/month.

If you are out of ideas, need a piece of advice, or want a fresh look, Invite a contributor – share a link with someone. Contributors can view, edit, and publish a website, but they cannot delete it. When everything is ready, preview it once more and publish it.

AI Design Supervisor

Weblium’s AI automatically adjusts the visual look of the site while you edit it. Sometimes when you change texts or images, nice blocks somehow start to look ugly. This is when the AI design supervisor comes to rescue.

It provides advanced editing options for a color palette, fonts and text styles, and buttons. Besides, if you want to experiment, you can switch design with one click.

Start with a Draft

There is one more online platform that will help you build a website smartly – Draftium, a turbo prototyping tool. Just like Weblium, it is also suitable for personal use and agencies. If you aren’t ready to dive into website building right now, start with brainstorming and prototyping. And then let AI builders make some controversial decisions for you.

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