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What Is a Cryptocurrency Credit Card?

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency that is currently used to make online payments and trades. This is, however, limited to businesses that accept digital currency as a method of payment. If you would like to capitalise on your digital assets and start using them for everyday payments, you may want to consider obtaining a crypto credit card.

Like traditional debit and credit cards, crypto cards allow you to swipe for purchases and pay for transactions using the balance in your e-wallet. As the value of virtual currency continues to grow, so do the list of credit and debit card options.

How Does it Work?

Crypto cards serve the same function as regular cards except that they use your digital currency to pay for your bills, services, and products. It’s important to note that your virtual assets are converted into your local currency when using this method. Then, the amount is  paid over to the merchant.

This is done through the assistance of the two largest financial networks in the world: Mastercard and Visa. When a virtual currency card (either credit or debit) has a license from these two names, it can be used wherever Mastercard and Visa payments are accepted.

This opens up a world of possibilities, as users have the freedom to use the cards from wherever they are. That being said, they’re also held to Mastercard and Visa standards and limitations, including daily payment and withdrawal limits.

With the growing list of cryptocurrency credit and debit cards available today, it may be difficult to decide which is the most suitable option for you. Below, we’ve detailed a few of the best crypto cards currently on offer.

Best Cryptocurrency Credit Cards


One of the top-tier cards to own is the Wirex. Founded in 2014, this Visa card allows users to make instant payments without paying exchange fees. In addition to traditional currency, this card also supports more than 18 types of digital currency.

While transaction fees may be marginally higher than other cards on the market, the safety and convenience of this card make it a great payment option when travelling abroad. Wirex also offers a rewards program in the form of receiving 1.5% cash back per user transaction.


Coinbase, a reputable crypto trading site and wallet, officially launched its credit card in 2019. Because Coinbase has been trading in cryptocurrency for many years, it allows seamless transfers between the user’s wallet and the cards that are linked to it.

It’s linked to the Visa payment system and supports a variety of different digital currencies. Users can expect to pay 1% fees when making local withdrawals and 2% if withdrawing internationally. The link between cards and the larger Coinbase exchange gives users the ability to make payments and trade from one platform.

Considered among enthusiasts as one of the leading card providers, is a great choice.’s popularity in the market is primarily attributed to the number of currencies it supports. As of today, this card transacts between 90 different forms of digital currency. Licensed by Visa, this card offers a tier-based rewards system that starts with 2% cashback on transactions.

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