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What Does USB Type-C Means For Android Phones

USB or Universal Serial Bus is the new standard that will bring big improvements in the industry but still there are lots of developments to be made so that the next Android version can fully utilize all the potential benefits of Type-C capabilities of the mobile component. However, there are already a few devices that come with the usb type c hard drive inside it and in a couple of years from now it will be a lot more prevalent.

If you own any Apple or even a non-Apple electronic device then you must already own at least one micro-USB cable and have used it with the corresponding port in your mobile device. Add to that, you must also definitely own and use a full-size USB, Apple tech or otherwise.

In short, everybody today is familiar and usesome kind of USB in their everyday lives normally whether it is for moving things from a laptop to a pen-drive or vice versa or to a TV or even for simply charging a smartphone or tablet, unless its Apple, using this USB technology.

Features of USB

The USB technology was developed in the middle of 1990s especially for sending data, connecting components together such as the mouse and the PC or for charging electronic goods.

Apple first introduced this new USB technology in its MacBook laptop. This USB Type-Cis much faster than the most commonly used USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 standards that are commonly found in most personal computers, laptops and smartphonesat the moment.

The two advantages if using this new USB technology are:

  • It offers greater data transfer speeds and
  • It has quicker charging capabilities.

The new standard has made way to the smartphones as well and this is a very good thing. This will provide a cross platform technology. This will allow the users to connect two devices together such as a PC and a smartphone for wither transfer data from one another at great speeds or to simply charge the two connected devices simultaneously.

The USB Type-C

The primary differences between the two USB types are:

  • In the design of the port
  • The cable and
  • The reversible connector.

You will not need to follow that “this side up” instruction with the Type-C due to the reversible connector especially which is of the same size enabling you to plug it in any which way you like and get the same results.

On the other hand, in the USB 2.0 and 3.0, you will usually have two Types of connectors:

  • Type A – This is bigger and has a rectangular shaped connector that can be plugged into desktops, laptops, and game consoles and  
  • Type B – These are the same cable that has another end that fits into smaller devices such as cameras, portable hard drives, and smartphones. These are more commonly known as micro-USB or mini-USB simply because these are much smaller in size.

In comparison to your old USB port the USB Type-C surely is a genuine improvement.


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