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What Do You Know About Thugbirdz NFTs

Thugbirdz is arguably one of the most culturally relevant projects on the market right now, and has been creating quite the buzz among the NFT community. 

Thugbirdz is an NFT that encourages everyone to embrace their inner thug and digitally represent their alter egos.  That voice inside them that will fight for their dreams and go beyond measure to accomplish their goals. That fight that will exhaust all options to succeed at their endeavors and won’t ever let anything get in the way of their success. Thugbirdz seems to be the answer to closing the gap between society, culture and the Web3 community.  

What’s better than one thugbird? How about 3333! Thugbirdz, is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that features over 3,333 unique birds who happen to be thugs. Each bird has its own distinct tattoos and accessories in addition to its own unique color pallet and style; every smoker has its own signature cigarette and more.

Thugbirdz: A Deeper Look

Before even talking about generating these birds algorithmically, they wanted to be sure that they were creating original artwork. This is why they were hard at work coming up with various designs for their final product. 

Once you look at them closely, you’ll notice that these birds all have detailed personalities. It may seem like there are only minor differences between each bird. Still, everyone has unique features, including tattoos, earrings, hats, and more. 

The variation in their design gave them plenty of options when it came time to create an entire collection of 3333 birds.

Because they took the time to develop their own art style, people have taken notice of how different and fun they are compared to other NFTs on the market. 

People love Thugbirdz because they’re thugs who are also cute and fun, not just because they’re NFT collectibles. But we also think that, most importantly, Thugbirdz gives users something new and fresh. 

There aren’t many collections out there with as much personality as Thugbirdz, which makes them feel confident that people will love them for years to come. So what do you think? Do you dig Thugbirdz?

Market Response to Thugbirdz

Community members praised the project for its uniqueness anh helped it become one of the key communities in the Solana NFT environment with an instantly recognizable and iconic tough bird design. The community has blossomed as people become fans of the basic, but full-of-attitude pixel art. It’s one of the largest, strongest, most super active communities in the NFT space. Their goal is to be the kindest community on Solana and act as a symbol for community, artists, creative freedom and a love for all things cool. 

Other people talked about how exciting it is to see artists exploring blockchain technology in new ways. 

Some were concerned about whether or not these birds could be used in ways other than just being bought and sold; they wanted to know if they could be used as currency or if they had any other utility besides being very cool accessories. 

Others explored the idea of using these birds on social media platforms like Instagram, where users can express themselves through their avatars, which provided a deeper level of engagement than simply buying and selling NFTs. 

The Future?

Thugbirdz illustrates how these kinds of digital assets have so much value from an aesthetic standpoint. The visual appeal of the cool thuggish birds + dope hats is just as important as its price. 

This is likely why they gained celebrity interest from hip hop legends like Metro Boomin,  Waka Flocka, Young Thug, Illmind,  Wiz Khalifa, Sonny Digital and Tm88.

They will continue to be a hub for artists and dedicated NFT experts. They want to support talented artists who need financial support to bring their craft to a wider audience. Thugbirdz aims to create social activities that help greater causes, from charities to their own events, while contributing to the needs of the ecosystem.


We are excited to see what they do next. 


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