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Welcome to the Nippleverse. An unusual and exciting new NFT project that aims to transform the way you think about Nipples.

The remarkable team behind the Nippleverse aim to liberate the Nipple from surging censorship and central control

The Nippleverse consists of 4,444 unique and beautiful Nipples that live freely on the Ethereum blockchain, after years of battle against central control and censorship. A world they call the Nippleverse… a place that celebrates Nipples of all shapes, sizes and styles.

By owning a Nipple NFT you are granted access to the Nippleverse – a community structured to reward its members. They hold exclusive committees, rewards, and airdrops in private lounges full of the strongest and most engaged members of the community. They give back to the very people that carry the foundation of the community.

How do you become one of the founding Nipples? Simple, stay engaged on Twitter and Discord, your level will rise, and they will see you. Within this, two one-of-one Nipples will be airdropped to the strongest members of the community before launch to ensure they lay within the hands of the early adopters.

In pursuit of supporting the floor and community, 5% of the total amount of funds collected and 50% of Royalty fees will be used to buy back and burn Nipple NFT’s, reducing supply and increasing the rarity of each owned Nipple.

As well as joining a fun and vibrant community and owning your own on-chain Nipple, 10% of the total amount of funds collected will be donated to a breast cancer charity with On-Chain proof, which means you will also be supporting vital research for a deeply meaningful cause.

After the sell out, the Nippleverse opens its doors to the Metaverse of your choice… Yes that’s right! A community vote will allow you to decide which metaverse you’d like to see a Nipplevers party within. They want your Nipple to be your ticket to true decentralised freedom within the Metaverse and will work to make it happen.

There are multiple layers of rarity embedded in the Nipples including, background, piercing, skin feature, and hair. All are randomly generated to create unique and exciting combinations. So whatever Nipple you own, just know that it is the only one of its kind.

The Nippleverse collectibles is a brainchild of a fully decentralized team of artists, copywriters, blockchain developers and NFT enthusiasts. Exquisite art, world class devs and a host of community centric features. They’re here to have fun and build something special, you should be too.

The Nippleverse Team

Criss Cross

Giannis here. I am an early adopter of crypto and a huge believer of the blockchain technology. Big passion for NFTs and the community. Here for the thrill.


I have been involved in crypto for 7 years and 3 years in nfts – Degen ever since.


Hey everyone, I am Maria and I am a professional illustrator equipped with more than 15 years of experience in graphic design and illustration. Here for the art.


I made it in crypto and now I’m focusing on the important things in life, like Nipples.


Hi all, I’m Nick and I’ve been in the crypto space for a while now. In love with this growing, innovative NFT industry.

The Nerd

I’m Logan J. and I’m passionate about coding and blockchain technology. Veteran on ETH-Cardano-Solana NFTs. Expert in JS – React – Node – Express – Solidity – Web3 – PHP – Laravel

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