Web3 Gaming and NFT Projects are Gaining Highest Hype


  • Once such project is Gameinfinity with 3 games live on the official platform
  • Till date 50,000 gaming sessions are completed with more than 20000 registered users
  • This Web3 project has commenced its Presale phase 1 of native GAMEIN tokens and plans to end by within the upcoming phase
  • The price for Phase 1 is set as 1 BNB = 80,000 GAMEIN assets and Phase 2 as 1 BNB = 60,000 resp.
  • GAMEIN tokens is planned to be listed on PancakeSwap with 14% liquidity of 1 BNB = 30,000 GAMEIN
  • The Price on listing is expected to hike 2.5X and 2.0 on its launch where the price targets to rally worth 70X to 100X
  • In near future, there are new games planned to release using GAMEIN token from wallet

About Gameinfinity Metaverse

GameInfinity integrates the concepts of gaming and blockchain in the most superior way and intends to develop a passive economy recurring from the project. The team behind the project believes in the future of Blockchain and Metaverse and has carefully examined best possible approach to drive in Gameinfinity gaming NFT.

This is the right opportunity for us to start building good reliable products/projects and a strong economy from gaming especially looking at the craze and crypto bandwagon around the digital space. This Web3 project facilitates to bring all the game enthusiasts, gamers and developers at one central panel to showcase, explore games of all sort of categories available on Web3 and Metaverse.

This project intentionally emphasizes on offering the active token holders with authority to easily vote and explore incredible features:

  • Build a global community of P2E gamers who are eager to play competitively gathering in-game rewards
  • Reserve high yielding assets from games, crypto and NFT’s alike for the organization to create a network based earning
  • Enable the community to join and participate in the project developments through voting and proposals.
  • Offering best rewards through Gameinfinity bounty programs
  • Organizing with gamers and developers to feasibly work on metaverse games as well as minting NFTs.

Currently, Gameinfinity project is running with 3 exceptional games live issuing rewards to the participants/players. The three Gameinfinity active games are namely- 2048 Game, Cricket Bet and Hextris. Right from the project launch till date, 50,000 gaming sessions have been successfully completed acquiring more than 20000 registered users.

Now, any player can experience the best P2E gaming right with the simplified access along with some diverse range of games. Are you ready to place your bet on these project live game streamers? The team claims to be super excited presenting major advanced games to you in future.

GAMEIN Economy

GAMEIN token is basically a BSC-based BEP20 token presenting a total supply worth 270 Million. This asset is designed as an operational currency to support the entire Gameinfinity ecosystem and specifically for all Web3 Games and in-game NFT’s.

This Web3 project has commenced GameInfinity Private sale of GAMEIN token where 4% GAMEIN tokens of the total supply is raised for the holders and participants, started from 4th Feb. Not only private sale but also presale phase 1 of native GAMEIN tokens is ready and will close up soon after meeting the target ratio. The price for Phase 1 is set as 1 BNB = 80,000 GAMEIN assets and Phase 2 as 1 BNB = 60,000 resp. The value of 1GAMEIN = $ 0.0055 and its listing price is $0.015.

Right after the sale and event faces its closure, the team plans GAMEIN tokens to be listed on PancakeSwap with 14% liquidity of 1 BNB = 30,000 GAMEIN assets. Moreover, soon after the listing its price is expected to hike 2.5X and 2.0 on its launch where the price targets to rally worth 70X to 100X.

  • Reserve 30% of Liquidity specifically for four years when the listing phase begins
  • Backing up NFTs with GAMEIN and GameInfinity reserve
  • 100% of assets will be into existence unless the essential burning is needed
  • Arbitrage yielding of funds
  • Investment in futuristic gaming projects
  • Timely managed accounting, audits and reporting will also be involved

In near future, there are new games planned to release using GAMEIN token from wallet. Gameinfinity promises to secure worth $1 Million by undertaking all the operations needed to develop and run the out breaking metaverse and web3 gaming products.

GAMEIN Tokenomics

  • Token Name- GAMEIN token
  • Symbol- GAMEIN
  • Network- BSC-20
  • Total Supply- 270 Million (270000000 GAMEIN)
  • Launch- Private Sale, Presale, DEX Listing, Exchange listing, etc.

This project claims to reach 72X right after the first milestone which was successfully witnessed. Its roadmap also mentions to launch around 72 Games in total which seems in progress. Mentioning about GAMEIN token and project application is planned to launch in various networks preferably ERC20, Polygon, Matic, Solana, TRC, etc.

GAMEIN Token Distribution

According to the Gameinfinity whitepaper, in total, there are 270000000 GAMEIN assets worth 270 million minted in aggregate. Issuance of these assets will occur in multiple phases which are scheduled at different phases for variant purposes. To be noted that there are no locking or vesting of assets tied or allied to the community. Further allocation and distribution is as follows:

  • Gaming, NFT, Rewards- 49%
  • 29%(4%+25%) of token will be distributed in 2 phases of presale
  • 14% Liquidity will be added to Dex
  • 8% reserved for team and developments.

Note: The tokens left out in both the sale- private as well as public will be issued in the Security reserve through the lock smart contract.

This information and documentation is carefully prepared by the entire team of Gameinfinity considering every single aspect to learn core and upward growth development about the project. Don’t forget to join us on social media channels:







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