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Ways to Buy Bitcoin for $150, Ethereum for $15

Yes, It is a reality. Brokerage company NordFX allows you to invest in bitcoin with just $150 though at the end of July 2020 when its price has risen to $ 11,000!

NordFXif offering you the opportunity to make transactions with 11 top cryptocurrencies and guarantees the highest profits. So, we allow trading ethereum with only $15, EOS – $0.3, and another amazing thing is an1 ripple will cost only 2 American cents!

What NordFX brokerage company offer and how does it differ from conventional crypto exchanges?

■ The services offered byNordFX are called by some a technological breakthrough and a real revolution in crypto trading. They considers them as a step in introducing advanced IT technologies into crypto trading. It have already been tested in traditional financial markets.

NordFX experts have properly analyzed the trader’s and the investor’s claims to crypto exchanges andcame up with a solution devoid of most of their shortcomings.

■ NordFX allows you to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for any period you wish likea week, month, year, 10 or 100 years by actively trading and making transections every minute if you wish,

■ Youwill get profit on both buying and selling cryptocurrencies, according to the current situation. So no matter if the price drops to nil, you can still make profit.

Also, for selling cryptocurrency (opening a short position), you don’t need coins. This is possible due to the use of CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading. It is used in trading in the stock market, Forex and the commodity market from a very long time.

■ With margin trading, a type of loan that NordFX provides its users instantly without any collateral, you are free to open trades or invest in cryptocurrencies that too at lower rate (50-70 timesless than the market price). So, For opening a 1 bitcoin trade, you need $150, for a 1 ethereumtrade- only $15, and in 1 ripple – $0.02 (see table below):

■ The minimum deposit you need to do at NordFX is only $10. You can Deposits in USD, bitcoins and ethereums, whatever is yourchoice.

■ Uniquely reliable and safe customer funds. NordFX promises you for confident and efficient trading with the stable operation of servers and platforms, along withsafe data transmission withUpdated Security technology.

Companyoffersyou 100 % protection form hackers attack. There has not been a single incidence of attack In the career of 12 years of operation, unlike cryptoexchanges, and none of the customer lost a single penny.

■ NordFX  allows you Cryptocurrencies tradingat 24/7 and  365 days a year.

■NordFX offers 24/5 support service which has also receivedthe Forex Expo Award – 2016 for Best Customer Service.

Becoming a NordFX client: who are you dealing with?

Working for more than 10 years successfully in financial markets, NordFX is an international brokerage company. There are huge numbers of accounts opened with the company from more than 190 countries. The no. of accounts opened by clients exceeds 1,250,000 as of today.

Since 2008, NordFX has received 50 prestigious professional awards and 5 awards for outstanding achievements in crypto trading:

Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2019 (Fxdailyinfo Awards)

Best Crypto 2018 Broker (MasterForex-V Expo)

Most Trusted CryptoCurrency Broker 2018 (Global Brands Awards)

Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies 2018  (International Business Magazine)

Best Broker In Asia Crypto 2017 (Forex Awards Ratings).

The IAFT Awards, and Forex Awards has named NordFX as theBest Broker of Asia 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2019 according to

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