Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Handling Sensitive Big Data

Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Technologies Offer Solutions for Handling Sensitive Big Data 

Governments, government agencies, and other high-profile organizations manage sensitive big data as part of their operations. To optimize their efficiency and automate as many processes as possible, they are introducing leading internet communication technologies. However, this advancement also carries its risks as many malicious actors want to destabilize such systems. This is where technology providers like Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, the founder of Vlatacom Institute come into play. They produce solutions for handling sensitive big data and integrate systems that promote ICT security. With cutting edge encryption and authentication features integrated into every piece of equipment, it is easy to see why Vlatacom solutions are at the forefront of the industry.

Need for higher security

Technologization and digitalization are important requirements for governments, agencies, and enterprises that want to maintain their competitiveness. In this case, competitiveness refers to the safety of sensitive big data which is equal to national and public safety. Protecting critical assets is a priority as the threat from malicious and destabilizing data breaches does not seem to reduce. 

Therefore, handling big data also includes the ability to prevent, predict, and respond to such threats swiftly and efficiently. To do so, governments and organizations are turning to experts in security technology that mainly come from the private sector. They become valuable partners in devising effective cybersecurity strategies that keep sensitive information secure and cyber attacks under control. With the implementation of reliable and highly-effective ICT security solutions, strategies for higher security become protected against threats.

Solutions for handling big data

Speaking of solutions for secure management of data, Vlatacom’s National Crypto Center or NCC is the first in line. It is a platform that serves as a foundation of state or corporate ICT security and secure e-government services. One of its key components is the vTRNG True Random Number Generator used for cryptographic key generation. 

Prior to the establishment of secure encryption communication tunnels, sensitive data has to be transferred from the NCC to the system’s end devices. For those purposes, the Key Distribution System vKDD is used as a robust terminal with tamper-proof encrypted memory and strong device and user authentication.

High-speed fiber optics require high-capacity solutions and the vREBECCA or the Reliable Communication Channel is what gets the job done. Compatible with the NCC, this solution is designed with up to 2.5 Gbit/s high transfer capacity for the encryption of transmitted data.

Another device designed for secure file exchange is the vPCP-FC Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration. VPCP-FC makes all file exchange via insecure channels like public Internet connection possible. Interestingly, it performs steganography operations inside common file formats like .pdf, .avi, .png, or .zip and hides sensitive encrypted content.

Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and Vlatacom Institute

Back in 1997, Vladimir Cizelj founded Vlatacom as a private company that would work in integrating Motorola solutions. As a result of their dedication to excellence and innovation, they started expanding their operations. They became a manufacturer of hardware and software solutions in fields such as ICT, border control, biometrics, and multi-sensor integration. Moreover, after gaining the Serbian Ministry of Science certification for a research and development center in 2011, Vlatacom became the first private R&D institute in Serbia in 2015.

As an innovator and scientist himself, Vladimir Cizelj has always recognized the importance of human potential. He has gathered a team of highly educated experts in various fields to help him further develop Vlatacom products and services. 

Today, they are recognized as the go-to government security partners across the world.


Governments and corporations are undergoing major changes in the process of technologization and digitalization. Moreover, they share the same goals of optimizing their operational efficiency and providing high-level service to their citizens and users. To achieve these goals, they have to handle an increasing amount of citizen and/or user data. In addition, they have to make sure all of the sensitive data remains protected. This process requires the implementation of secure and reliable technological solutions. Innovators and technology providers from the private sector like Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Institute support those processes. By providing state-of-the-art and secure solutions for managing big data, Vlatacom assures high-level stakeholders that those objectives are easily attainable. 

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