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Vitalik Buterin Takes on nChain CEO Craig White Over Patent Trolling


Vitalik Buterin has taken a dig at nChain CEO Craig White over his obsession with blockchain patents.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has taken a dig at Craig White, involving his blockchain patent portfolio. White has repeatedly claimed to be Satoshi over the last few months.

Buterin alleged through a tweet that anyone who brags over blockchain patents does not understand the technology. 

Wright, who is nChain’s chief scientist claimed that his company has filed more than 800 blockchain patents, and has been successful in achieving about 50-100 patents.

His patent portfolio is a potential threat to blockchain-based projects like Bitcoin Cash. Certain critics of Craig have commented that such a wide patent portfolio is fundamentally against the open-source nature of blockchain, and is somewhat a form of trolling. 

Reacting to Vitalik’s tweet, Coingeek founder and Wright’s mentor Calvin Ayre snapped back at him, stating that, he is the one who does not understand blockchain, and Ethereum has served as a platform over the years which supports ICO scams. 

On the other hand, Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets published a blog post expressing support for blockchain’s open-source concept and the patent filing system.

He stated, “Although I am a long time open source software proponent and supporter (OSS, FOSS, FLOSS), I happen to think that there _is_ a place for patents in the software world. As used by very large companies (e.g. IBM, MS, Oracle, etc.) there is much to complain about and much wrong with the system. In the blockchain realm, many of the early granted patents were certainly BS and for things that were toys.”

Jimmy Nguyen, former nChain CEO and now President of the Bitcoin Association commented last month that looking at the level of online trolls. Craig is focussed on patenting the entire blockchain in his quest to dominate the crypto world. He also clarified that the total number of blockchain patents had reached around 670. 

He also backed nChain’s philosophy of blockchain patenting, stating that, “Like any sensible business, we also like to protect our investment by securing intellectual property rights when appropriate.

With hard work and great expense, nChain has produced what we believe is the world’s largest and best quality blockchain patent portfolio in the world.


However, prominent personalities in the blockchain space like Peter Mckormack, Roger Ver, and Changpeng Zhao have raised concerns over nChain’s patent philosophy and portfolio. 

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