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Vinetree Corporation Launches a blockchain Gaming Platform

Vinetree Corporation, the company behind South Korean social gaming app GameTalkTalk launches a blockchain-based platform, Ludena Protocol.

Vinetree Corporation, the parent company of South Korean social gaming app GameTalkTalk has recently announced a blockchain-based platform, named Ludena Protocol. The platform will be house to a reward-based social media DApp, a matchmaking peer-to-peer gaming platform, and a digital item exchange.

Vinetree Corporation confirmed that the platform will be fully operational in the second quarter of 2020, and users will then be able to access the app’s internal digital assets (stars), with which they will be able to complete in-game missions and download new games as well. 

How will this work? 

Once available, users will be able to use Stars to buy gift cards, in-game items, and tangible products. They will also be allowed to convert Stars into the platform’s native token LDN. Game publishers will use LDN as a marketing tool to access the community. 

Moreover, the app is also equipped with a behavior tracking mechanism, using which it will identify parameters like mobile gaming experience, money spent in downloaded games and the frequency of gameplay. With this data in hand, Ludena Network will then match relevant players with gaming companies. 

Ludena Protocol CEO Joshua Kim stated, “A single definition for Ludena Protocol is: The platform that gives significance and incentives to worldwide gamers.”

Growth of Blockchain Games

As the world is under a complete lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of blockchain games has increased tremendously. More gamers are now exploring this space.

The positive public response to the potential of public gaming has also prompted game developers and publishers to develop and roll out blockchain games to the masses. Recently, Infinite Fleet, a space adventure game partnered with blockchain marketplace STOKR to launch a security token offering and raise funds for further development. Popular gaming platform The Sandbox also collaborated with Iconic entertainment firm Atari, and will soon release new features in its games backed by blockchain technology. 

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