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Victorieum Plans Offshore Financials Ecosystem


The flourishing cryptocurrency market lacks an all-in-one platform which can serve the need of every user of it. There is hardly any crypto platform that offers all services like different cards – debit/credit, financial services, and support, forex, consultancy for investment and asset management, loans, daily accounts for liquid money and other financial services on one single platform. This is a significant drawback still this market has. However, Victorieum has planned and implemented an idea to build a platform that offers all the financial services to facilitate every crypto users. 

Victorieum’s offshore financial ecosystem has ten such aspects which cover the need of every crypto users. 

  1. Victorieum Mobile Wallet: On this wallet, users can use any digital currency to make payments or receive payments from other users, and they can also store the coins in the portfolio. The wallet is based in the cloud network facilitating every user to access it smoothly just by using the mobile application or on their personal computer. The wallet is secured, and its performance is unmatchable at present compared to other wallets easing the life of the crypto traders and users. 
  2. Tokens: Victorieum tokens are non-fiat currencies which can be exchanged against any kind of currencies whether fiat or non-fiat and that makes it really suitable for the investors and the users of it. Through MT103 technology, the users can make different transactions even internationally using this tokens. These tokens can be used for various other aspects like for availing loans on this platform, and they are freely executable on Victorieum’s crypto-exchange. 
  3. Victorieum Bank: This bank is actually for every user, as it has a variety of services ranging from a savings account, corporate accounts, and current accounts facilities. This also has fixed deposits accounts, and it accepts not only Victorieum tokens but other digital coins as well. The users can also open mutual fund accounts with this bank. The bank can also issue a certificate of good standing to its users along with bank references which depict its legal stature. 
  4. Ethereum Based Blockchain Technology: The Blockchain technology used on this platform is based on Ethereum contracts. The transaction fee is low on this platform, and the security features stand out making every user’s investment secure. The whole platform has been designed keeping in mind the needs of its users. 
  5. Victorieum Loans: The users of this platform can avail loans from the offshore bank against crypto-based assets. The loans are disbursed at the interest of 14% which is comparatively lower if compared to other sources. The loans are disbursed within 24 hours of the application made by the users, and the application is pretty simple which the user can complete within 4 steps. 
  6. Cryptocurrency Exchange of Victorieum: Victorieum is a full-fledged crypto-exchange facilitating all the crypto investors and the traders to trade on this platform. 
  7. Fiat Exchange: The best part of this platform is that the tokens can be exchanged for fiat currency which gives the users ease of using the tokens according to their needs. There is no limitation on the use of tokens or conversion of it into fiat money. 
  8. Passive Income Programme: This platform is not only for crypto-traders who trade in huge volumes but also for them who want some kind of passive income. The passive income programme lets the users earn an additional percentage of net profit of their tokens held. There is a specific percentage of net profit one can earn by holding the tokens for specific time period. For example, one can earn 15% for holding tokens for three months and 25% for nine months. 
  9. Online Payments Facilities: On this platform, users can make payments online, receive tokens online and also use their tokens for different purchases. It supports complete online payments and transactions. 
  10. Bank Cards with Victorieum: There is provision for receiving bank debit or credit cards if the users are silver/platinum or gold token holder. This facilitates the users to make transactions with ease as we do in normal life with our cards, it is just that the underlying currency is digital tokens. 

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