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Value Finance Hunts Down The Hardcap, As The 1300 BNB Mark Is Crossed, Staking Event To Begin

Value Finance is a decentralized finance solution geared to empower Blockchain-based businesses. It intends to offer a wide range of services to help existing businesses and startups scale their operations and offer their customers better value.

The $VFT Token

Value Finance has a native token, $VFT. It is used to power the Value Finance ecosystem and serves the following purposes:

  • To pay trading or transaction fees.
  • To organize a charity to support every vulnerable community member.
  • To be a part of the project’s governance structure.

Value Finance Products and Services

As a part of its efforts to make this a unique project, the Value Finance team offers attractive products and services for its users. Some of these are:

Stake and Lending

Value Finance has also set plans for the Staking event, with the duration of 2 weeks. Value Finance’s users can stake their digital assets to generate revenue with upto 100% Stake APY.

Further Info At:

Multichain Scan

The project’s developers aim to build an explorer that can provide information across multiple chains without using multiple explorers for different chains. This will allow users to check the details of a token/coin irrespective of the chain where it is deployed without actually leaving the platform.


The team offers projects an opportunity to raise funds to expand their operations. To be part of the ValueFiPad ecosystem, interested projects are required to stake their $VFT tokens.

ValueFi Merch Store

Value Finance will launch a merch store where you can showcase your products and services for other members of the community to patronize you using $VFT. Token holders will be rewarded from the revenue realized from the store.

According to the team, the products and services listed above are expected within Q1 of the year.

In the second quarter, investors should look out for these products and services:

  • Multichain Explorer & Portfolio management Dapp
  • ValueFi Cross Chain
  • Merch Store

Applications have been submitted on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko to list $VFT. The team expects approval at any moment.

About Value Finance

Value Finance is a blockchain service solution that’s set to redefine decentralized finance. At its core, Value Finance helps to empower both new and existing projects with the required support and infrastructure for active blockchain participation. Value Finance aims to help most projects build their services through consultancy.

Value Finance is involved in multi-blockchain Bridge, multi-scan DApp, and Value Merch Store. The multi-blockchain bridge helps to transfer assets across multiple chains, while the multi-chain scan DApp will be deployed to enable users to check details of a token regardless of the chain it’s being deployed on.

For the Value Merch Store, the store will help to showcase all the products or services being launched on the blockchain.





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Media Details

Company Name: Value Finance Corporation

Contact Name: Luka Anthony

Location: Delta State, Asaba

Email: [email protected]


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