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US Virtual Phone Number – Benefits and Impacts

The United States of America is arguably the number one country in all the business frontiers. That is the reason why the expansion of their business in the states is every entrepreneur’s dream. But more often than not these expansions does not prove to be as fruitful. A study conducted in 2012, revealed that almost 90% of CEOs around the world believe that improvements to cross-border communications would bring positive impact in revenue and profit at their companies. However, even though cross-border communication is identified as a problem by the majority of the leadership, the same is not efficiently addressed.

In the wake of such studies, it is safe to assume that communication and that too cross-border communication are having a significant impact on all businesses. However, just by improving your communication skills you would not gain the trust of an international client. Along with this, having a local US telephone number as your business contact number can have a world of difference. Therefore, an easy and cheap way to improve your communication and trust of the clients are through a virtual telephone number.

Importance of having a US Virtual Phone Number

Over the years, the United States of America has evolved into such a stature that having a US office address is synonyms with trust. The primary reason for this is the rigorous and fool-proof methods of the authorities to curb fake businesses in the country. However, a physical address for your business in the US is not a practical solution and for some, it might sound impossible, which is where a US Virtual phone number comes in handy.

Every entrepreneur knows that irrespective of the business they are doing, one is supposed to have more than one business phone numbers. And for international businesses, it is preferred to have one of these business phone numbers as a US Virtual phone number. This online phone number will help you expand and improve your trust among US clients. But it would not stop there rather seeing this American phone number would ensure an augmented trust among your other international clients as well.

The major highlight of a virtual phone number is the fact that it is cheaper when compared to other methods with similar impacts and there are numerous choices available for a person when it comes to providers.

Choosing the Right Virtual Phone Number Provider

Choosing the right provider is always important when it comes to virtual phone providers. And one of the foremost players in this field is CallHippo. Including US Virtual phone numbers they have coverage in more than 50 countries globally. Thus a user can sign up to get a US virtual phone number or any other country of their choice. Along with obtaining a US phone number or phone number of any other country, the user enjoys a string of other benefits as well.

Call forwarding

The virtual phone number plan you choose for has the option for automatic call forwarding to a single number of your choice. This feature should come in handy when you need to interact with a client directly.

Call Recording

Call recording is another feature that you can utilize while using their virtual phone numbers, the calls which are connected to or through the virtual phone number can be recorded and later retrieved for your uses.

Call Analytics

Another convenient feature which comes along with the virtual phone number is Call Analytics. Call analytics helps you delve into the numerics of a call which in turn enables you to make an informed decision.

Welcome Music

An impactful feature that will help in bringing a more professional outlook for you. A piece of welcome music instead of the standard dialer tone will be used to greet the client dialing to the virtual phone number.

These are some of the features which you would enjoy, upon obtaining a virtual phone number. There are several more exciting and professional features to enjoy like Interactive Voice Response(IVR) or on hold music.

Final Thoughts

Technologies related to communications have improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. A virtual phone number is one such development, which when rightly used can bring a substantial impact on your business. It should serve as the last piece in your puzzle and enable you to dream bigger.

The phone number coupled together with other features should improve your professional front and provide you with an entirely new look. This new found professionalism will take you to new heights and expand your businesses not just in the US but all around the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a virtual phone number today and watch your business growing to new heights and covering new frontiers.


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