Unlock Additional Benefits of Crypto Payments with Coinremitter in 2023

What is the future of cryptocurrency?

Almost everyone draws his attention to Bitcoin when it comes to cryptocurrency. But cryptocurrency isn’t just about Bitcoin. There are more options other than Bitcoin. There are some other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, DOGE, BNB and more. But let’s talk about Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced to the world. Arguably, it’s the most popular cryptocurrency among all cryptocurrencies.

Not just Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, BNB and BCH have also gained a lot higher values than their initial ones. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a good choice if you can hold them for a long time. The future of cryptocurrencies refers to their possibility of gaining high purchase values and market cap in future.

How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

You have to analyze the performance of various cryptocurrencies to have an idea. The easiest way of having cryptocurrencies for merchants is to get them as payments. Cryptocurrency payments are going popular and easier as they are accepted worldwide and they will also help you gain an audience throughout the world.

You need to rely on cryptocurrency payment gateways like Coinremitter for processing cryptocurrency payments, which brings some additional benefits of cryptocurrency transactions & withdrawal fees.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Payments

(Alt: the popularity of crypto payments)

  1. Better payment security
  2. Irreversible transactions
  3. Lower fees
  • Better payment security

The year 2020 has witnessed 35% more fraudulent transactions than in 2019. Credit & debit cards have been primary sources for such fraudulent activities. Vendors owning small businesses have been the main victims of them. On the other hand, crypto payments are considered to be more secure than conventional online payment methods because of the reduction of third-party verification. The customer’s data isn’t stored in a centralized hub to avoid commonly occurring data breaches. The information is saved in their wallets instead. Also, the transactions are recorded on the blockchain general ledger which makes it difficult to steal someone’s data.

  • Irreversible transactions

The party receiving the funds only can refund them. This means the receiving party must be ready for refund requests. Though, this irreversibility helps merchants manage their cash flow. Since there are no chargebacks, merchants have to pay them manually.

  • Lower fees

Merchants are liable for paying transaction fees and processing fees. Choosing a crypto payment gateway that charges low processing fees. This will help you yield more profit on crypto transactions. Crypto payment gateways like Coinremitter have been popular for charging low processing fees. 0.23% is the lowest processing fee charged by any payment gateway.

What are the additional benefits?

As discussed earlier, the lowest processing fee is the key highlight of the benefit of using Coinremitter. However, merchants can choose faster processing by consuming higher fees. Some other benefits include the extremely capable gas station (limited to some cryptocurrencies), some amazing security features and all the likes of an ideal payment gateway.

Why start in 2023?

As discussed earlier, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity. Several merchants have started receiving payments in cryptocurrencies, especially because of lower processing fees. If we consider Coinremitter, there are more than 33,000 active users of Coinremitter, which shows the prioritization of Coinremitter for cryptocurrency payments among merchants. Analyzing the current market, 2023 can be a perfect year to start investing in cryptocurrency. If you are a merchant, you can receive cryptocurrency payments for your orders instead of purchasing cryptocurrencies.

You just need to sign up and create a cryptocurrency wallet on Coinremitter for receiving cryptocurrency payments. There’s no need to add a bank account or KYC for accepting crypto payments with Coinremitter. Merchants just need to integrate Coinremitter’s crypto payment  API into their websites for receiving crypto payments. Coinremitter has also added its open-source plugins to some platforms like WordPress, Laravel and many more.

Cryptocurrency Explosion

(Alt: Bitcoin achieves towering values)

This can be the most interesting aspect of crypto investments, because when cryptocurrencies explode, they can achieve towering values. We have witnessed some cryptocurrency explosions like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, BNB & many more. It’s said that some cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Tron may explode in future. Even some reputed industrialists have shown their support for Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.


After considering the aspects discussed above, we can conclude that accepting crypto payments is the easiest way to jump into crypto investments rather than purchasing them. Also, Coinremitter is supporting most of the popular as well as cryptocurrencies having a promising future. Also, some of the cryptocurrencies are having affordable prices that may explode soon. So, merchants should start receiving crypto payments in 2023.

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