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Uniswap announced the integration of a new NFT Marketplace—Sudoswap

Uniswap announced the integration of a new NFT Marketplace—Sudoswap

Through a Twitter thread, the head of NFT production at Uniswap, Scott Lewis, announced the integration of Sudoswap compatibility into all of its non-fungible tokens. Uniswap’s users will be able to trade in NFTs through its crypto exchange platform.

Amidst the dreadful scenario of the crypto market crash, investors made a massive sell-off, and some of the renowned crypto exchanges Vauld and Celsius—have paused their withdrawals and crypto lending services. However, Uniswap has taken a significant step toward expanding its business by incorporating NFT into its trading platform.

Uniswap has been known for being the largest and most successful DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Its platform allows customers to trade on cryptocurrencies without worrying about authorization issues. The crypto trading platform’s assets in the liquidity pool are worth no less than $6 billion, spanning all over Celo, Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Insight into how Sudoswap’s functioning

Sudoswap is a unique platform that allows its users to purchase and sell NFTs through a decentralised platform without any requirement for authorization. This has enabled the NFT exchange to construct a liquidity pool comprising digital assets.

The latest information revealed that these two powerful blockchain technologies would join hands to broaden their client base and enable their customers to trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs through one platform.

Also, through another source of information, we found that Gamestop has brought good news for its users—the gamers, collectors, and creators. The gaming platform plans to launch an NFT Marketplace, where users can now buy, sell, or trade several digital assets.


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