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Understanding Mosaico’s Master Plan to Accelerate ROI for Investors

Mosaico Optimizes the Investor-Beneficiary Relationship Through its Native MOS Token

With 4 years of experience in the crypto business, Mosaico has effectively conjoined blockchain innovation into equity crowdfunding inside Europe. Other than setting up a platform for financial backers to broaden their portfolio, the company assumes a legal and business consultancy role towards its benefactors and patrons.

Mosaico offers a stage for investors and young companies to discover each other through tokenization in the blockchain. In doing so, Mosaico presents an ecosystem

for new projects to open their stocks to a larger number of investors. At the same time, it simplifies access to assets with a potential growth-curve which is conducive to more individuals becoming interested in these projects.

Two   Successful  Rounds  of  ICO’s  Raised  Soft Cap At $500,000

Investors and companies have surely started to realize the potential of It is evident from the fact that the tokenization platform has accumulated a capital of

$12.5 million for 28 projects till now.

Mosaico has held two successful rounds of ICOs where the MOS tokens got sold like hot cakes raising a capital worth thousands of dollars. The most recent ICO was held on 15 November 2021 gathering 8,333,333 MOS tokens worth $123,000 within a record time of 1 second. The first public offer of the MOS token, held on 15th October, raised $130,000 bringing the deal to a close within 60 seconds.

MOS: Motivating Financial backers to Commit Capital

MOS token represents the tokens of new and exciting projects created using the Mosaico platform. Buying a single MOS token allows an investor to diversify their portfolio across all the projects on the Mosaico platform, a component exceptional to MOS. The tokens are being circulated through ICOs at the moment. Two successful ICO’s have already been conducted with the third ICO round the corner.

The MOS token fuels the Mosaico-verse and it exists to create a symbiosis between company assets and their financial backers. Investors will be able to further grow their earnings by buying a MOS token which represents the company assets through various undertakings like:

  • Lending
  • Committing the tokens to a Proof-of-Stake protocol
  • By wrapping these tokens

Mosaico creates a passive earning opportunity for investors as soon as they are onboarded unlike the traditional investment space where investors are required to wait for a period before receiving dividends. This is Mosaico’s value proposition which is seeing it gradually gaining the trust and regards of investors.

  • Investors acquire 1% of tokens from the projects that are running on the platform. 0.5% of the acquisition will go to the Proof-of-Stake protocol that will earn investors interests in The POS protocol is set for launch in the first quarter of 2022. The remaining 0.5% commits tokenized assets to the investors’ portfolio.
  • Mosaico leverages the benefits of Defi lending and offers liquidity agents the chance to stake their tokens and earn wrapped MOS, or wMOS in return. wMOS’ primary function is to allow investors to claim new tokens from upcoming
  • wMOS need not be bought separately as investors will also be able to generate wMOS by locking a portion of the MOS tokens in the Proof-of-Stake protocol.

Mosaico   Creates  New  Growth  Possibilities for Young Businesses Through Tokenization

Mosaico create growth opportunities for new companies by:

  • Raising capital through an Initial Exchange Offering.
  • Managing the list of investors for these
  • Listing these company tokens to be traded on the Polygon-supported Kanga Exchange, thus creating a secondary market for these
  • Converting traditional bureaucratic companies into decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO by tokenizing them and bringing them to the

Many private software-oriented businesses with illiquid assets often find it hard to discover enough investors. For a lot of these companies, seeking the support of big

venture capital firms may not be an option since this might mean compromising on the company’s integrity.

Mosaico helps businesses that are built on programming by tokenizing them to allow investors an easy access to these company stocks.

  • Tokenization helps companies to break their assets into fractions, therefore, opening them to the general public and converting them into prospective investors.
  • Mosaico is all set to secure a better Loan-to-value ratio for companies through the compelling benefits that investors receive for lending to its DeFi protocol. Investors receive wMOS, representing the market price of the assets, as rewards for

The wMOS tokens in turn provide these investors the right to claim more tokens on the platform. In other words, Mosaico offers investors a solid ROI for loaning out their capital.

  • Mosaico is reinvigorating the equity crowdfunding space by incentivizing the general public for investing in new project The available currencies for buying these tokens are PLN, EUR, BTC and ETH.

Unlike traditional crowdfunding which bars investors from trading shares, tokens bought on Mosaico can be traded between peers on the Kanga exchange which also supports payments in USD. Users can trade project/real-estate/personal tokens on Kanga exchange.


With an ever increasing number of financial backers estimating on and wanting to profit from privately owned business resources, an answer for making a more fluid

market for them is the need of the hour. is introducing a chance for new enterprises to tokenize and decentralize their resources, consequently piquing the attention of potential investors.

Apart from leveraging the cumulative benefits of tokenization of assets, Mosaico packs in a robust ROI strategy for the welfare of its investors. The MOS token is at the core of all the transactions supported by the platform which are currently being offered up through ICOs. Those interested can join Mosaico’s Twitter community to learn more about project listings, updates and announcements.

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