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Ultimate guide for Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Slider Treasure to Earn

Kingdom Hearts 3

The gamers can easily earn the Frozen Slider Treasure in Kingdom Hearts 3. One of the most efficient ways to do it is by completing the side mission. The gamers might have come across the Frozen Slider mini-game. The players can find the mini-game in Arendelle Frozen world.

Accessing the minigame is quite easy.  The player has to speak with the character Elsa near a Ridge. Once the player completes the Arendelle stage for hitting up the slopes, it will get easier to meet up with Elsa. There is one thing that the player has to keep in his/her mind. The most crucial part is to get a high score. 

How do you get rich with the minigame?

Once the player sets a good high score, they have to focus on smaller prizes. The players will also have to avoid hitting the obstacles. And they need to stay on a snowy surface too. This is mainly because there are numerous smaller prizes that players can find in the snow. The small rewards are extremely easier to collect than the larger rewards. Players can find the larger prizes near obstacles.

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There is also a small catch. Even if a player collects the HP recovery prize, it will not bring any good. The players are going to have to take some damage from obstacles else it becomes insignificant to collect recovery prize.

It is always a better option to not get hit in the first place and complete the map in said time. There is also a bonus reward for finishing the minigame at under 1:37. The player will receive a bonus point of 35,000. If the player playing the game manages not to get hit at all, then he/she will receive 50,000 points. Last but not least, if a player is extremely good at the minigame, then they should go for both bonuses.

People playing the game have a chance of collecting ten treasure pieces which lie right along the slope. Then they should proceed to complete the minigame for getting Orichalcum+. The Orichalcum is essential for crafting the Ultima Weapon. There are a wide array of guides on the internet. The guides will help gamers to find certain items in the game.

New developments made to Kingdom Hearts 3

There are surprising new developments in the Kingdom Hearts 3. One of the most attractive developments is the partition of Gummi Ship in the game. 

The developer of the game Square Enix fleshes out the Gummi Ship in the open world. The open world has abundant foes and riches. There is also a brand new collectible to catalog which comes alongside treasure spheres and heartless invaders.

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The moment the player starts exploring the custom made aircraft they will find great additions in the game. On the other hand, the custom aircraft is associated with the Stargazer achievement in the constellations of Kingdom Heart 3.

The player has to follow the comprehensive instructions and head towards the designated location. The players have to make sure that constellation is perfectly lined up and at the same time, the player also has to make sure that he/she is facing the right way.

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