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Turkey Offers Huge Opportunities for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies!

Turkey has the highest cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption rate among all the countries. According to a ING Bank research, Turkey hash %18 adoption rate and is truly a leader in the classification of adoption. Moreover, the ING Bank research is not the only research about Turkey’s promising environment about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. On the other hand, one can’t stop but to think about are the researches about Turkey’s potential really mirroring the reality? Let’s take a look at them.

According to the data page prepared by CoinTurk to show real-time transactions of Turkey based cryptocurrency exchanges, Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges has between $25 million and $50 million daily volume. This figure just contains the volume that was made by Turkish users on Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges. Apart from that there are tens of thousands Turkish users using global exchanges such as Binance and Bitstamp.

BtcTurk, which is founded in 2013 and one of the oldest local exchanges in Turkey reported that the platform has 700.000 registered users. Although when we look to the bigger picture and focus on all the users in Turkey, we see that there are between 3 million and 4 million cryptocurrency users or investors in Turkey.

This is not only limited with that and we also have to include thousands of corporates which accepts Bitcoin payments and numbers are increasing each day. According to an article from, lots of companies from informatics, consultancy, education, electronics, construction and even furniture sectors are accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) issued by Turkish Republic unveils that Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey intends to create a blockchain based cryptocurrency. Aforementioned statement shows the interest of Turkish government to cryptocurrencies.

There are hundreds of other projects that is not mentioned in this article and they are in a development stage as we speak. As one can understand from the given details, Turkey has unprecedented opportunities and offers for the companies based in cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.

CoinTurk, which was established in 2014 and publishes latest news, articles, reports and researches about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies leads the way in Turkey’s cryptocurrency sector. With over 10 million visitors up to date, CoinTurk provides well-structured offers for those who want to expand to Turkey and embrace Turkish users. Till now, thousands of companies have made advertisement agreements and successfully reached to the Turkish users with CoinTurk.

 CoinTurk in brief:

  • Area of expertise is only the cryptocurrency ecosystem,
  • Qualified, new & updated contents,
  • Collaboration with +2000 companies since 2014,
  • The most visited website about crypto currencies in Turkey,
  • All CoinTurk’s readers include Bitcoin and crypto currency users, and 68% of the readers trade at least 50 Bitcoins in a one-year period,
  • Alexa ranking is approximately 70k in global, and 1,4k in Turkey.
  • Organic followers: Twitter 19,7k – Instagram: 10,9k – Facebook 5,7k – Telegram 1,2k

If you are interested to expand to Turkey, you can contact to CoinTurk.

E-mail: [email protected]

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