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Tron(TRX) Reveals Major Updates – Project Atlas, Wallet and DApps


Tron just ended their live stream where they announced some major updates regarding the Project Atlas and other things including DApps, wallet, and token burn.

Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of Tron, began the live stream by comparing Tron’s network to other blockchains. He stated that the Tron network now boasts more unique addresses than EOS. Sun also said that Tron got more unique addresses during the first 95 days after launching its mainnet as compared to the mainnet launch of Ethereum back in July 2015.

Sun also announced that the company has now burned 98% of the ERC-20 based TRX tokens, which are not useful now that Tron has moved off the Ethereum’s blockchain. The burning process has basically locked up nearly 97 billion TRX tokens that aren’t useful now, by throwing away the keys.

The team also highlighted other projects they’ve been working on including the updated Tron mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. The team also showcased two gaming DApps built on the Tron network.

For Project Atlas, which the company announced earlier this week to reveal today on September 28th, Tron announced a number of things about how the Tron network and BitTorrent network will merge moving forward.

  • The company will integrate a new TRX20 token as an incentive for users to share files and increase overall download speeds.
  • Participation in the token process will be totally optional, users can still use BitTorrent without the TRX20 tokens
  • Third-party mobile and desktop BitTorrent clients will also have the option to enable the tokens feature in their respective clients
  • The BitTorrent network will remain free as before and any user can upload any file on the network

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