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TRON gets listed on Turkish Crypto Exchange Paribu


TRON CEO Justin recently announced that TRON will be listed on Paribu Exchange. The exchange is one the largest digital currency exchanges in Turkey. 

Justin Sun took to twitter and announced the listing.

On Jan 10, a total of 15 proposals were approved. Furthermore, it will allow TRC-10 tokens to be transferred in smart contracts within dApps.

This comes as a great news for dApp developers who have worked earnestly to make it work.

The  community is all geared up for the upcoming  summit. More importantly,it has grabbed eyeballs of all crypto enthusiasts and traders.  The launch of  BitTorrent Foundation by BitTorrent in Singapore and the launch of BTT is good news for investors. BTT is a token based on largest decentralized peer to peer protocol. Over 100 million users can use Bittorrent to understand blockchain. Furthermore, it is a boon for content creators as they can freely distribute their content to others via BitTorrent. More importantly,  numbers of dApps on the platform has soared to 177. Additionally,  9 Dapps with a DAU of over 1000 respectively.

Weekly Report

The TRON foundation recently released their weekly report on Medium. The post details the functionalities of the dApps and new developments in the system.

Also on January 10th TRON was listed on,  a global cryptocurrency contracts exchange. It provides  multiple types of perpetual contracts.Users can deposit assets starting Jan 13, trade TRX/USDT on Jan 14, and withdraw on Jan 16(SGT).

TCU reported yesterday that  Crypto Bitlord , a well known crypto bull moved a substantial amount of TRX in escrow for his son. The currency will be released after a span of 13 years.

Also Read:  Crypto Bitlord stores TRON (TRX) in Escrow for Son’s Secure Future

To this Justin Sun replied on Twitter.

With so many achievements in place, TRON is making way for more accomplishment in near future.

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