TRISTAN HAMM – Tackling Mental Health Through Adventure

Revived Outdoors is an adventure company that provides individuals with the chance to enjoy individualized and unique traveling opportunities. The company employs a combination of the most skilled guides, a rich culture, and a unique curriculum to give guests the best possible experiences.

Found by Tristan Hamm, an avid traveler and nature lover, Revived Outdoors aims to improve the mental health of its clients while making them a part of a rich and diverse community. The company has been able to achieve this aim quite remarkably as there are instances of people who have had their mental health drastically improved by one or more of the experiences they have partaken with the company. One particularly striking example is the case of a young lady who had been battling drug abuse-related depression for years but was “revived” on the very first experience she had with the company. It was this case that gave the company its name “Revived.”

The importance of outdoor adventures, particularly those that are undertaken in natural environments, cannot be overemphasized. Revived Outdoors harnesses the calming and healing virtues of outdoor adventures to help improve the mental health of its clients and not just improve their mental health alone, but also eliminate their stress levels while making them part of a new community.

A lot of people cannot find the time to go on adventures or the right people with whom to go on adventures. Revived Outdoors makes it easier for such people to have their dream adventure by providing them with a community of like-minded adventurers with whom they can have the best travels and see the world at its most beautiful. The communities where these adventures take place also benefits greatly. The influx of people now and then into these communities helps to create employment opportunities for the locals, and most of all, helps protect the natural landscape of the communities.

The aftereffects of these experiences are long-lasting, and each trip takes the participants on exciting and lively experiences with nature all around them. 

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