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Tripwire going to collaborate with WWZ to work on Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

Killing floor 2 is a great game since the launching date. Now it is going to enter its 5th year. The game will have a new touch with some new features, weapons, and structures in the coming year. Yesterday, the tripwire interactive saber announced their plans for this game with some new maps and events. David Amata (tripwire product lead) stated that their team has a full slate of maps, weapons, and many more features, and they are excited to work on this new version of killing floor 2.


  • There is one more exciting news that tripwire interactive saber is going to collaborate with world war z interactive saber to work on the future content and features of the game. The product team lead of tripwire said over the past years since the game is on air; their team has proved the identity of the game with the right techniques and creative skills. Now they are going to work with WWZ interactive saber, and both teams are heavily involved in designing the future updates and maintaining the consistently high-quality rank in their community and in between fans of the game. 
  • Tripwire interactive saber is doing experiments continuously with some new weapons and trying to give a unique identity to existing weapons of the game. They are also going to announce the winners from the 2019 mapping contest and bring the winners into the game in an official capacity. Amata also wrote that future additions and quality are planned for holding the high-quality bar in the future. Killing floor two was released four years ago and had maintained a high-quality rank with the creative skill-set, and it will keep the same bar with some fantastic experiments and structures. 
  • The seasonal event of killing floor 2 is live now and will continue until January 7, 2020. Tripwire interactive saber allows fans to share their views and suggestion that what they want to see in the new edition of the game. Amata said, like the past year, their users can share their experiences and feedback that how they feel about the overall state of the game on this live survey. The survey allows fans to fill out until January 7, 2020.

Tripwire interactive saber announced that their fans expect something unique and exciting content and feature so that their collaboration with World war z studio interactive saber will do a blast by creating fantastic elements in the coming year. As the game is going to enter in its fifth year and it will be live with some horizons, features, and content. Their users find it as a great game, and killing floor two will surely maintain this trust across their fans. The game will not get sudden changes and look like another game overnight; the team will keep the real game itself.   

Now it will be fascinating to see the changes and experiments in the game from both the teams in its new addition.

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