TRIBTC’s brings you an innovative Peer-to-Peer Crypto Trading Platform!

TRIBTC is here with its innovative bitcoin-based platform which is definitely a first in the entire world, where you will get access to live Bitcoin settled peer-to-peer options trading for cryptocurrency pairs.

The past few days have been quite crucial for team TRIBTC and there have been multiple rounds of beta testing, conducted by the top testers of the community and experienced traders. After such rigorous testing and brainstorming, it has finally been launched on 20th January 2020 for traders worldwide! 

Safe & Secure

These continuous internal as well as third party security testing and audits were done only to ensure the highest level of security to their users. So you can be assured your data will always be safely handled by the management along with your funds. This is what makes them a class apart and the most trustworthy platform in the industry right now. The multiple levels of security also boost the confidence of traders and encourage more transactions. 

More new features in the store! 

The options trading platform offers a peer-to-peer approach which is not only innovative but also creates a highly transparent environment for the traders. That’s not the only goodie in their bag though. There are loads of other interesting features and many of them are firsts in the industry. One of these features is a Touch/No Touch method of trading. In case you are wondering, this is the most effective tool for traders who are looking for lucrative crypto deals online on a secure platform. As per the statements from the management, this brand new feature will be available from February 2020.

Eliminating the problems 

Each and every feature of the platform has been designed to provide the users with the best possible experience. This is mainly because the absence of a reliable platform for crypto options trading was the sole motivation for innovating something so unique. The massive presence of binary platforms that are full of fraudulent activities is what made the creators think of a peer-to-peer approach which would not only be much safer but also easier to use for most traders. 

For all those who are wondering, classic binary platforms utilize their own index price and at the same time manipulate it accordingly for reaping the benefits themselves. This doesn’t end here, as there are also predatory fees as well as other hidden charges which further reduces the payouts. TRIBTC eliminates the chances for any such fraudulent activity with its brilliant peer-to-peer system. Not only this, they even condemn any kind of hidden charges that might reduce the payouts unnecessarily. 

On TRIBTC’s peer-to-peer trading platform, users can trade freely against each other or join any other user’s trade. This unique combination of binary trading and the peer-to-peer approach eliminates all scopes of fraudulent activities and makes sure that you profit the most from each and every transaction. 

Too many options! 

Another impressive thing about TRIBTC  is that here you don’t just get a reliable platform for trading where your data and funds are safe but also a brilliant place where you have complete privacy. This is what has been catching the attention of thousands of traders in the past few months, ever since the launch date was announced by the management. Not only this, a brilliant matching engine and the availability of countless transaction options are also creating quite a buzz in the industry. 

Time to register yourself! 

Well now that you have an idea of the brilliant features of TRIBTC,  what are you waiting for? The site has been launched right now! The dynamic and innovative live trading option is on for users from any part of the world. So go ahead, check it out and benefit from the unique referral program where you can get your hands on almost 2.5% of all the trades of the referred users. There is also a media kit available on the website, containing all high-quality images as well as banners for the various social media platforms. 

So if you are a trader or a crypto enthusiast looking for the simplest way of trading, then this is the place to be!

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