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Trading Terms

With a total market capitalisation of over half a trillion dollars, and a daily trading volume higher than some of the prominent national stock exchanges, cryptocurrency promoters are betting high stakes. A new trader is often left intrigued when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. While opinions continue to be divided on the ideal method for trading cryptocurrencies, an average trader relies on conventional financial wisdom and comparisons. Despite the crypto wave being on a high tide, only a small portion of the population is evolved in crypto trading.


When trading it should be remembered that a  cryptocurrency exchange is not a part of the regular stock exchange. It is advisable for a beginner to trade cryptocurrency stocks on the stock market. For instance, GBTC owns Bitcoin and sells shares of it, trading this helps the beginner avoid trading cryptocurrency directly. Moreover, cryptocurrency trading is a 24-hour market unlike the traditional stock market. Owing to high volatility in 2018, the crypto trading ground is often feared by investors. However, many have raked millions in this market and continue to reap profits.

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