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Torex using the crypto arbitrage trading method!

The crypto market is the youngest trading market right now. Henceforth, the prices at different platforms fluctuate at different rates. We could never say which platform will be at what percentage at a particular time. But, while trading, every trader wants to play smart and hence uses different methods to trade. Now, crypto arbitrage is a popular tool for buying and selling tokens in a unique way. Therefore, here we are going to list all necessary details about crypto arbitrage, its uses, and how Torex is using it as one of the methods for trading uniquely.

A simple definition of crypto arbitrage:

Crypto arbitrage is a trading tool to gain high profits from low buying token. In simple words, a person is buying the token from a trader at very cheap rates and simultaneously immediately selling them to another trader at very high prices. It is the tool that helps a trader a lot to earn high profits from the trade.

Now, Torex is helping its traders to gain maximum while using the crypto arbitrage tool. Both the buying and selling amount has a considerable difference, and hence the profit will be more on a particular exchange with the help of a crypto arbitrage tool.

The data says that within the same currency pair, the difference between both the exchange could be 10% or more.

What parameters could be defined by this tool on Torex?

Now, the crypto arbitrage tool helps to define the parameters for smooth currency exchange.

The same currency pair means: While trading on Torex, it is essential to have a currency pair. Each trading will be done in a pair of two currencies. Both the currencies are fluctuating and hence creating a situation that almost equals to the Tug of War.  

Parameters list:

  • One can list the currency pair as per their requirements.
  • One can set the arbitrage window to the exchange as per their feasibility.
  • One can set the trading value as per their expectations on a particular day. It is the minimum value on which a trader wants to trade.
  • After analyzing the crypto order boos, it becomes easy to set the minimum buying or selling value for a particular exchange.
  • One can set the percentage that is the minimum you want for an arbitrage profit.
  • Hence, Torex is providing a way to the trader to set the parameters as per their need. And from time to time, the trader can change them as per the market fluctuations.

Two methods of arbitrage tool of Torex:

  1. Manual.
  2. Automatic.

In the manual method, the assistant has to perform the entire required task at the exchange platform. Searching and then displaying the arbitrage window, all is done manually. Even the trader has to set the parameters that are mentioned above manually in this method.

But, in the automatic method, the trader has to do the necessary adjustments only, and the assistant will automatically display the arbitrage window. It will simultaneously transfer the money quickly.

The first most advantage of Torex exchange is that it is available free of charge and doesn’t take a penny from the trader. The tokens of TOR help the traders to get the utmost advancement advantage for their exchange, and even the time taken for all this is quite less.

Get the utmost advantage of crypto arbitrage through Torex:

Now, after going through all the necessary details about Torex and the use of the crypto arbitrage tool on the platform, we can say it is they say that it is the safest method to trade. Not only the most reliable way but along with this gaining the maximum profit from a single trade in currency pair. Traders are trading through Torex to do a safe and enjoyable exchange.

Now, Torex wants to make the improvements required to provide easier trading to the traders in 2020. The automatic tool operator will be improved in 2020, and a quick currency pair exchange will the updated very soon.

So, if you are looking to trade more efficiently than choosing the crypto arbitrage tool through Torex could be the right option. Go through the terms and the conditions before starting the exchange on the platform.

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