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TopiaCoin Enables Blockchain Solutions

TopiaCoin is the only platform that builds enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.

The TopiaCoin network features an array of services designed to enable decentralized cloud storage and blockchain applications.

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Key Points

  • Easily store any digital data.
  • The TopiaCoin network is designed to make blockchain cloud storage accessible to all.
  • Topiacoin enables blockchain solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Blockchain is more than Bitcoin.

What is TopiaCoin?

Topia Technology offers globally secure file sharing and storage, enterprise-level file collaboration, messaging, backup, recovery, archiving, and managing files on-premise or in the cloud.

These are products that businesses already need. These are products for which there exists a clear demand by enterprises to enhance their internal processes.

Topia has developed a private, fully distributed cloud storage network employing the latest advancements in blockchain technology to protect against cyber-attacks.

Why businesses will benefit from TopiaCoin

If you own a business, having a strong digital backup of all your critical data can make a real difference should a major disaster occur? When this happens, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will recover all your files and records.

Topia Technology has developed a new cryptocurrency that can help ensure that businesses have access to their critical data anywhere, any time.

Businesses will benefit from Topia Coin for many reasons, and they can be grouped into four distinct.

Easily establish cloud storage services and compete with the largest cloud providers

Businesses will be able to establish their cloud storage services and compete with the largest cloud providers.

This will be possible due to Topia Technology’s patent-pending technology, Secrata (TM) E2E (End-to-End) Cloud Encryption™.

Offer new customer experiences

The world of digital data is increasingly becoming available. This has led to effective customer relations strategies for any company, regardless of its size.

Reliability, speed, and intimacy are essential to offering better services while creating new experiences to ensure loyal customers connect to their brands.

Minimize the cost of storing, archiving, and sharing data securely

Topia Technology, Inc. is introducing TopiaCoin, an ICO, to build the first globally available secure decentralized file-sharing network with the highest levels of data security, guaranteed by public-key cryptographic standards.

This decentralized platform will allow billions of people to store any data without the risk of theft or loss.

Topia’s blockchain-based technology eliminates points of central vulnerability using advanced cryptographic algorithms, creating a global network for data storage and sharing with unparalleled security.

Enhance the security of their intellectual property

We are living in a digital age where information is accessible online. Businesses are embracing this new technology and are making sure that they can keep their data safe.

This is because they understand the importance of protecting their intellectual property. Intellectual property is the lifeblood of any business, including paperwork, designs, ideas, and more.

These are very important to their growth and development as well.

Topia builds private blockchain solutions for enterprises

Topia is an alternative for the enterprise blockchain and will be launched in 2019. Topia is the blockchain that enterprises can use. Topia is different from Ethereum and Bitcoin in many.


  • Topia is faster, scalable, and more secure. Topia provides an enterprise-grade blockchain solution.
  • Topia is built for the enterprise. Topia uses zero-knowledge proofs and smart contracts.
  • Topia is open source. Topia provides the source code and a fast, reliable, secure, and scalable blockchain network.
  • Topia is from blockchain experts. Topia is a blockchain innovation team from the world’s top blockchain companies.
  • Topia aims to solve the pain points of enterprise blockchain. Topia meets enterprise needs and provides enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

Topia solves the following.


  • Scalability. Topia is scalable and can support millions of transactions per second. Topia’s transaction mechanism is faster and more efficient than Ethereum’s.
  • Security. Topia is enterprise-grade, and Enterprise users don’t need to concern security problems. Topia uses zero-knowledge proofs and smart contracts.
  • Reliability. Topia is reliable. Blockchain experts developed Topia’s network.
  • Open-source. Topia provides the source code and a fast, reliable, secure, and scalable blockchain network.

Topia’s platform enables businesses to connect with existing blockchain networks and services, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and traditional enterprise IT systems.

Final Words

Topia Technology is more than an ambitious company; it’s a breakthrough for digital security. A new level of security that enables strong encryption while at the same time managing who can access what on a decentralized network. And this entirely new approach to encryption is called Secured by Design.

We believe in learning from others, so we talk to the people who use our products. We listen to them, make sure they are happy, and constantly ask for feedback.

Please visit our website, and we need feedback for learning and making our services at the best level.

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