Top 5 New Projects Offering Exciting Rewards For Staking

In 2021 we saw tremendous growth in Defi, rising by about 1,000% and a total value locked of over 200 Billion USD. Staking also turned out to be one of the most profitable strategies to generate passive income and enjoy returns on investment. 

Crypto staking is a process that allows you to earn rewards on your digital assets without having to sell them. It is an activity where you put your cryptocurrencies to work and use them to create a passive income source without sacrificing your coin’s ownership.   

This blog will ease your search of which coin to invest in to earn maximum rewards through staking. Here are the top 5 new projects which offer exciting rewards for staking.


Undoubtedly, Quint rolls out to be one of the best tokens to stake for 2022 as it offers rewards that nearly no other token does. The cryptocurrency offers both crypto interest and real-world staking rewards. In addition, Quint provides two different sets of what the project’s creators refer to as super-staking pools.

Adding further, the coin also offers a set of custom NFTs. Users can get entry into the platforms’ exclusive Metaverse Arts Club by owning either Quint tokens or NFTs. Users can find like-minded token owners that cherish a luxurious lifestyle in this social club.

Quint may be traded for BNB on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Pancakeswap.

Defi Coin 

It is the official token of the Defi Swap decentralized exchange. It ranks among one of the best coins to stake this year, largely due to the excellent rewards it promises. You can stake Defi Coin to earn up to 75% APY.   

For the Defi coin, the Defi Swap platform currently offers four staking time periods of 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 365 days. Beginning at 30% APY for a 30-day staking period, the highest rate of 75% APY requires locking up your tokens for a full year.


Philcoin is a project with a purpose that was launched to support the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. It is a blockchain-based philanthropic movement to create a global interactive environment where individuals may make money while using goods and services connected to the Internet of Things, social media, television, and other forms of communication. The aim is to give back to the people who transact on the blockchain.

Philcoin has an application, PHILApp, where you are rewarded with PHL. It is basically a portal for products and services where the end users will be rewarded in PHL. For the staking rewards, the concept is the more you use the app, the more Philcoin will be staked. This is a unique mechanism of giving back in Philcoin and a great way of generating passive income. 

Battle Infinity 

It is a decentralized gaming platform that uses blockchain technology in the gaming ecosystem by implementing various play-to-earn protocols and features. The Battle Arena, a metaverse platform where users may play and have a chance to win rewards on six unique P2E games, is the major project of Battle Infinity.

IBAT, a utility coin, supports the Battle Infinity ecosystem.IBAT is a BEP-20 protocol that is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its tokens may be used to win rewards on different P2E platforms, like IBAT Premier League, which is a sports fantasy league. 

IBAT Battle Stake is a fascinating feature for users interested in staking tokens for rewards. Battle Stake is the staking platform of Battle Infinity, which allows users to lock their IBAT tokens in exchange for rewards.

Users can directly stake IBAT with the solo staking option and potentially earn a high APY at the end of the lock-up period.

Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is not particularly a staking coin, but  an interest-bearing coin, so it fulfills almost the same purpose in that sense. To earn rewards, the process is the more Lucky Block tokens you accumulate and hold, the more the chances to win and earn greater rewards. 

The coin trades on the Pancakeswap DEX and is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. You can earn 19% APR by supplying liquidity to the LBLOCK/WBNB pool. However, the platform has a token distribution system that is available to all token holders and distributes a 10% share of the daily lottery among them.

In order to receive the rewards, holders of LBLOCK must connect to the app every day to make their claims.

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