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Top 5 Most Advanced Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) may have drawn attention to the potential uses of blockchain, but these top 5 advanced cryptocurrencies bring it to a wide range of adoption. Blockchain was introduced to move Bitcoin, but the technology has now found a host of other applications. 

Cryptocurrencies have primarily moved beyond the theoretical application of blockchain from implementing database level sharding to the world’s only quantum secured stablecoin and bringing real-time global settlement. This alignment of innovation and technological advancement is vital to generating real revenues while saving on costs. Even if some cryptos on this list are household names, ongoing projects like the Gold Secured Currency are on their way to becoming blue chips of this age. 

Apollo Currency (APL)

Apollo currency leverages the first blockchain to sharding at a level only seen in databases. APL is leading the charge of the biggest beneficiaries of Bitcoin’s technological shortcomings. This feature-rich cryptocurrency is also the most advanced for packing proprietary technologies into its design. They include sharding, adaptive forging, and node synchronization. Other features include Apollo updater and atomic swaps. 

The cryptocurrency is fast, clocking literally 2-seconds to complete a transaction. In the near future, the Apollo currency will power a vast Dapps infrastructure, unlike any other before, because it will offer limitless storage. APL also has many uses that could see this crypto outperforming all others. This is an excellent long-term investment opportunity, as demand for storage for Dapps continues to outgrow available infrastructure. 

Furthermore, Apollo currency has a strong fundamental trajectory. For starters, it runs on the first quantum resistance blockchain. Its token system will enable entrepreneurs and developers to create tokens faster than before without complex code. Anyone can use APL to make both private and public transactions. This feature gives users complete control over their privacy. You can buy APL at the best exchange,

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

Another strong performer is the Gold Secured Currency (GSX). The crypto has managed to beat other stablecoins by offering investors dividend payments on a yearly basis. The Gold Secured Currency, which is currently on sale, remains ripe for growth as a quantum secured coin, the first of any stablecoin. It also uses the Apollo Blockchain, which allows it to offer the same technological factors as APL. The Apollo blockchain also offers the added advantage of being sustainable by providing security, sharding, and speed. 

GSX is backed by gold, and the land where the gold is mined will be part of the reserve that provides value to GSX coins. Each owner holds a stake in the trust as the legal owners of the land rights. Besides, they will also own the mining operations and assets. There is strong fundamental evidence that the cryptocurrency will gain value almost immediately after the sale since 50% of the unsold coins will be burned. In contrast, the surviving GSX will benefit from the reallocated value. An increase in the size of the gold-rich lands will also grow the value of individual GSX coins, which can be redeemed for gold value. 

By combining the best elements of stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and investment coins, GSX is in itself the best investment. Holders can expect a regular third-party of the gold in reserve for transparency. GSX, which is on pre-sale now, can be bought with a 50% bonus at

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the company behind the network that uses XRP to facilitate real-time money transfers. XRP is itself a digital payment protocol. Conversely, Ripple is the remittance, payment settlement, and asset exchange network. It works a lot like SWIFT, the money transfer option that is currently used by banks and large financial institutions. 

The company has had tremendous success selling its products, namely xCurrent and xRapid, to the world’s largest banks. Its long-term goal is for traditional currencies and commodities, such as gold and oil, to exchange hands over its network. The underlying potential for XRP success, which is one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap, is the reason it is often compared to BTC, despite the technical differences.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA, the token powering Cardano, has been taunted as the best positioned to overthrow Bitcoin. Cardano is a collaborative project by several developers and academicians who are building a platform for a smart contract platform. The collaborative effort seeks to build a network that would be superior to Bitcoin and Ethereum, technologically by addressing issues relating to security and scalability. 

To achieve its mission, Cardano will pull together multiple pieces of the crypto puzzle to build a new network from the group up. If successful, Cardano could ascend to become the world’s most advanced network. The critical issues Cardano will address include interoperability, which experts have struggled with for some time now. Cardano will achieve scalability as an essential ingredient for meeting future demand. 


EOS is popular in the cryptocurrency community for being bundled a lot of times as the likely Ethereum killer. The network is taking a revolutionary approach that could allow it to achieve the kind of performance that regular people expect. EOS believes that ordinary people would not care much about decentralization. Hence, the network does not pay much attention to governing models like most cryptocurrency networks. 

At the most, creating a Dapp on EOS will require less coding, which has been a concern for many. EOS also offers more features compared to the industry leader, Ethereum. Another way to distinguish between the two is through gas, which users pay for in Ethereum, while developers are the ones who pay in EOS. In short, EOS hopes to beat ETH by working around its shortcomings.


No other technology has been the subject of intense debate, besides the internet, of course. The future of crypto cannot be ignored. For those who are uninitiated and yet to grasp what cryptocurrencies are, it is better to catch up. Billion-dollar babies like GSX and APL are ready to explode.

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