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Top 5 ICOs To Invest in June 2020

As the general interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency is gradually increasing, the potential of ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) as a great investment channel is also becoming more talked about. Last year alone, as many as 3,782 ICOs opened, and those accumulated a total amount of more than $11.4 billion. However, the majority of that amount was raised by only 54% of those ICOs. This reflects that not all ICOs that we see around is worth investing in, as they eventually fail due to various reasons. 

After considering several factors like – potential of the idea, risk-return, credibility of the team, token economics, technical architecture, investment feasibility, etc., we have come up with a well-researched list of the ‘Top 5 ICOs to Invest in 2020’. While investment is solely a personal decision, we believe that this article will narrow down your options, and help you make a better investment decision. 

Top 5 ICOs to Invest in June 2020




The first project on our list of Top 5 ICOs to Invest in 2020 is I-PRO-TOKEN. It claims to be a secure digital asset developed using advanced blockchain technology.

ICO Status: Ongoing

The project is aimed at solving cross-border property investment pain points. It is creating a decentralized international property marketplace. Agents and brokers will be able to list their services on the platform. Being powered by blockchain technology, I-PRO-TOKEN makes the entire process of property investment much more seamless and transparent. It is basically a single platform for property developers, financial institutions and users, to interact and transact securely.

A native token named IPR will power all the features of the project. To know more, please visit the I-PRO-TOKEN official website


  • Finxflo (FXF)


Next on our list is Finxflo, which operates in the crypto trading and investment industry. 

ICO Status: Starts on 15th July 2020 

Fixflo is a global cryptocurrency brokerage platform, that consolidates various crypto exchanges across the world under one platform, and creates a potentially profitable trading environment by allowing users to buy and sell at the maximum possible margins. The platform is powered by its native token, FXF, using which users will be able to execute trades and pay for other exclusive features. 

To know more, please visit the Finxflo official website


  • UpBots (UBXt)


UpBots is a Swiss firm that is also directed towards the crypto trading and investment industry. It is one of the most anticipated ICOs of 2020. 

ICO Status: Starts on 1st July 2020

UpBots is a crypto trading platform that aims to be equally adaptable and usable for both beginners and professionals in the crypto trading space. The platform is equipped with advanced yet easy-to-use trading tools that can be linked to all major exchanges. Moreover, it also houses educational material to help traders better understand the use of these advanced and diversified tools. 

To know more, please visit the UpBots official website




This is one of the well-performing ICOs which is currently active and is a must-include in our list of Top 5 ICOs to invest in 2020. 

ICO Status: Ongoing

TIXL is a German fintech company, which claims to possess the world’s most advanced digital asset. Through its unique and robust technical architecture, the platform facilitates fast, safe, and secure transitions at zero fees. It has combined the best features of traditional currency with cryptocurrency and developed an advanced ecosystem for financial transactions. 

As the world economy is going through a rough phase, TIXL’s solution based on a blockchain architecture is already being appreciated. To know more, please visit the TIXL official website. 


  • Ledder (ULED)


Ledder is the final project on our evaluation of the Top 5 ICOs to invest in 2020. 

ICO Status: Ongoing

Ledder is a Hong Kong-based tech company that uses blockchain technology to optimize outdoor advertisement, in terms of electricity consumption, maintenance cost, and conversion rate. It is powered by am ERC-20 token named ULED that helps bring billboard information from across the world under one single platform and feed the relevant data directly into major ad channels. Moreover, the platform is capable of successfully executing 200 microtransactions per second. 

In times when the advertisement industry is changing dynamics every other day, Ladder’s blockchain-based solution is definitely a one to look out for. To know more, please visit the Ledder official website

Summing Up

These were the Top 5 ICOs to invest in 2020, as per our research based on several factors. However, ICO Investment is subject to risk. We suggest you do your own research with due diligence before making any financial investment. 

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