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Top 4 rules you must follow while trading ETFs

ETF trading is not an easy game. Thousands of traders join the ETFs trading industry with the great hope of securing a high standard of life in Singapore. Soon their dream turns into a nightmare after they speculate the price movement in the wrong way. The word is speculation, not assurance, thus you should not be certain that the trades are going to yield a good result. However, there are a few amazing techniques you can use to reduce the risks involved in ETFs trading. To help you understand more clearly, we are going to highlight the top for rules of ETFs trading.

Know the stocks

At times, ETFs traders buy a shared for a bunch of companies like a mutual fund, S&P 500, etc. The price is subject to move based on the performance of the constituent instrument of the ETF. So, it is a great idea to dig deep into the details of the major stocks of the market. For that, you have to become good at fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is just a part of the process which you can use to find a potential trading spot and ease your trading process. But with the help of fundamental analysis, traders will get the ability to know the perfect place to buy or sell the asset. Though it’s a tough task for new investors it can be easily done by following some of the most basic rules of investment.

Types of ETFs

You must know what type of ETFs you are trading. If you are trading with Saxo you can easily do so by accessing their website. Some of the rookies don’t even know the importance of finding the type of ETFs they are going to trade. Let’s say you are trying to trade the currency ETF. So, if you analyze the bond ETF market news, you are not going to get significant data to trade the market. You have to know the key things to assess to find good trades. It is a very challenging task but it can be learned in the demo account. To learn more about the different types of trading instruments, feel free to visit Saxo or and their community of professional traders.

Having a solid trading strategy

You must have a strong trading strategy to trade the market. Without having a perfect trading method, you can’t make any real progress. The majority of traders start with the emotional approach and loses a big portion of the capital. They lose most of the money since they don’t know how to manage the risk exposure at trading. For the creating of a valid trading method, you have to use the professional demo account. A demo account can change your life and allow you to take some of the good trades in the market. Though it’s a very complicated task you can master it with patience.

Lower down the risk

Lowering the risk at ETF trading is the most crucial part of this business. If you take the trades with high risk and try to win most of the trades, you will end up with big losses. Managing the loss requires a strong understanding of the risk exposure factors. The maximum risk you can take comfort is your risk tolerance level. You should not go beyond your risk tolerance level as it can ruin the capital at any instant. Read stories on risk management policy as it can help you to create a good trading process. Take your time and try to improve your skills by following the basic rules of money management.


The professional ETF traders are famous for managing the risk. If you want to be one of them, you must follow a safe approach in trading. Taking high risks and trying to beat the market is not going to work. Safety should be a priority when trades are being executed.

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