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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Make It Big In 2020


Cryptocurrencies are making noise since the year 2015. Most people neglect the potential growth of cryptocurrencies on the market. Without proper knowledge of the cryptocurrency, people are hesitant to invest. In the previous years, the cryptocurrency is improving beyond our expectations. Many companies are now promoting cryptocurrency as an efficient way of earning money.

These are the top ten cryptocurrencies that are possible to make big in the year 2020:


Bitcoin is in the top list among cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is making noise since 2015, and the popularity of bitcoin was Skyrock in the year 2017. The possible value of bitcoin would go up to 13,000$ by September 2020. The current market value of bitcoin today is around 8,000$ to 9,000$ per coin.


Ethereum is the first among the cryptocurrencies to introduce the blockchain platform. The Ethereum is the next list to make it big in the year 2020 after bitcoin. According to the research of Vitalik Buterin, the potential value of the Ethereum market share would be 11,375$ per coin.


If you are not sure about cryptocurrency, you might try to invest in EOS. There is a high possibility that twitter, amazon, and uber might move to blockchain development. The current value of EOS today is 1$. If Twitter, Amazon, and Uber will move to the blockchain, it will increase by a hundred times fold.


XRP or ripple has dominated the banking infrastructure. With a low-cost fee and a faster transaction, the ripple has made a breakthrough in the crypto market. Most of the businesses are using bank transactions for transferring money with their contractor. Without a doubt, ripple will make another breakthrough in the year 2020.


The Neo ecosystem has the potential to rise in the crypto industry. The Chinese government and Chinese investors were interested in Neo Ecosystem. When the Chinese government and investors take their interest in the Neo ecosystem, it was forecast to grow in the year 2020. The current price for Neo is around 77$. The possible value of Neo would be 200$ per token.


Litecoin has superiority than bitcoin when it comes to technological platforms. The best part about Litecoin is you can share your network load, unlike bitcoin, you can’t use it as a global payment. A realistic forecast about Litecoin is the price would be triple when it hits the mid-year of 2020. The price value of Litecoin today is around $50.

Basic Attention Token:

The BAT was designed to integrate with the browser as a reward to the user by tipping. Bat has a 1.5 billion token reserves with a 300 million dollar cap. Many users have noticed and appreciate the BAT token. The possible breakthrough of BAT token will happen in the year 2020.


The project called “liquid system” it will create a balance in the crypto market. With the liquid system, it gives a full banking license that will allow the Qash token to grow substantially. The current market cap of Qash is around 22 million dollars. If the prediction for Qash Token is right on the spot, the cap will increase five times the current market cap today.


In the crypto market, the ark has exceeded the market cap without any expectations. Since the enormous price increase, they secured a lot of funds to use in the year 2020. We can expect a higher market cap in the year 2020.

Stellar Lumens:

Ripple dominate the banking infrastructure while the stellar lumens dominate the other market that includes:

  • Cross-border payments
  • Remittance Payments
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Implementing Lightning Network

The price prediction for stellar lumens is around 0.7$ up to 1$.


Cryptocurrency is making noise in the past couple of years. The potential of virtual money has exceeded the expectation of the investor. If we educate people regarding virtual money, many people will invest in cryptocurrency.

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