Top 10 Crypto Companies in Australia

Australia may not be one of the first places you think of when you think of crypto—but maybe it should be. Below are ten of the most interesting companies and projects to come out of Australia’s vibrant crypto scene.

Synthetix is a protocol for trading synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Synthetix, anyone with an internet connection can gain exposure to crypto, gold, stocks, index funds, and just about any other asset imaginable, whether or not they have access to traditional financial services.
Based in Sydney, is using blockchain technology to streamline HR and break down barriers to global recruitment and payment infrastructure. The company’s products include PaymentX, an automated cryptocurrency payroll solution; TimeX, a cryptocurrency exchange; LaborX, a global blockchain-based сrypto jobs platform; and AUDT, an AUSD-backed stablecoin.

Power Ledger
Founded in 2016, Perth-based Power Ledger is a blockchain-based platform for energy trading. The company hopes to provide the basis for a clean, affordable energy system by enabling peer-to-peer trading of solar energy.

Horizon State
Horizon State leverages blockchain technology to create a fair, secure, and transparent electronic voting platform. The company has worked with both governmental and private organizations.

Bamboo is a micro-investment service that makes it easy to get involved in crypto by investing your “spare change.” The app monitors your bank transactions, rounding each transaction up and investing the difference in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets of your choosing.

Melbourne-based CoinJar is a long-running crypto exchange founded in 2013. The popular exchange boasts more than 400,000 users, $1B traded, and more than $75M in assets under custody.

RedBelly aims to increase the security of its blockchain by making participants accountable. The project is supported by prominent organizations like CSIRO and the University of Sydney.

ShareRing’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for travel booking and management. The blockchain-based platform offers a single login for all your travel accounts, an ID management system, an easy payment system to pay for your bookings, and more.

bronID is a set of tools for anti-money laundering compliance, a real pain point for many blockchain projects. The company has a range of clients but has strong experience working with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Block8 is a blockchain-focused development studio based in Sydney. The company has released a number of interesting projects, including Programmable Equity, a framework designed to help companies tokenize shares on the Ethereum blockchain.

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