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Tokenize Xchange Announces Listing of Opiria’s PDATA Token After Successful IEO Round of USD $1 Million

PDATA token’s listing on the Singapore-based exchange on 8 July marks an ongoing partnership with Opiria that will further empower users to take charge of their personal data

SINGAPORE, 05 July 2019— Singapore-based Tokenize Xchange announced the listing of Opiria’s PDATA Token, set to happen on 8 July 2019. The listing follows the successful Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) round held on behalf of the decentralized marketplace for secure trading of personal data, which raised its goal of USD $1 million. Traders were allowed to purchase PDATA tokens using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tokenize Xchange tokens (TKX), with the listing taking only 51 days despite a sluggish market.

With the listing of PDATA Token on Tokenize Xchange, users will be able to purchase and sell PDATA token using the BTC-PDATA and ETH-PDATA pairings. The successful IEO highlighted the growing awareness and interest on the value of personal data.

The Value of Personal Data

Society today often talks about personal data protection, and people have become increasingly aware of how companies are harvesting their personal data. While completely blocking off companies from tracking your digital footprint might be a nigh impossible task, empowering people to take control of their personal data and benefit from its value might prove to be the more sensible and beneficial option. Since 2015, Opiria, the marketplace for secure trading of personal data, has worked with hundreds of customers internationally, including Intel, Mercedes-Benz and Procter & Gamble. As Opiria introduces the blockchain element into their product, issuing PDATA tokens will accelerate the technical development of the existing product and the growth of Opiria’s user base. With the shortened product development time, PDATA token holders can expect to sell their personal data to big corporations once the introduction of the blockchain element is completed. Also, the more PDATA tokens a consumer holds, the more likely they are to receive a “personal data request” and a time advantage to sell their data to these big corporations.

Tokenize Xchange was strategically chosen as one of the platforms for Opiria’s listing and the second IEO round because of the extensive user base and large community of Blockchain enthusiastsTokenize Xchange possesses. By tapping onto Tokenize Xchange’s strong community support, Opiria was able to disseminate in-depth insights about their company through omni channel marketing, allowing users to make informed decisions.

Dr. Christian Lange, CEO of Opiria shared his enthusiasm on the success of the IEO round and ongoing partnership with Tokenize Xchange, “I´m very happy and proud that we were able to do such a highly successful fundraise on Tokenize Xchange. This proves the high demand for our PDATA token in the crypto community. It also shows the potential of working closely with a great exchange like Tokenize. In combination, this will lead to a bright future for PDATA token and our whole ecosystem.”

Hong Qi Yu, CEO of Tokenize Xchange also commented on having Opiria on their IEO platform and his dedication to nurture more projects, “With the successful completion of Opiria’s fund raise on our IEO platform, we hope that the community is gradually noticing the importance of IEOs.Here at Tokenize, our IEO platform filters and hand-picks projects with great potential and quality ideas before nurturing them by providing a huge community of blockchain enthusiasts to raise funds so they can ease their way into the market. With the listing of PDATA, we are one of the few pioneer exchanges to provide liquidity for PDATA and those who have missed the opportunity to purchase PDATA during the IEO can do so on 8 July!”

PDATA Token’s Listing on Tokenize Xchange

Tokenize Xchange will be an important channel for Opiria to enhance PDATA token’s liquidity. Businesses can purchase PDATA tokens and make a “personal data request” while consumers will be able to encash the PDATA tokens they have earned through Tokenize Xchange. As Opiria continues to be exposed to Tokenize Xchange’sincreasing user base, Tokenize Xchange expects to generate higher trade volumes and liquidity with Opiria onboard.

About Tokenize Xchange| TOKENIZE XCHANGE

Tokenize Xchange is a simple and easy to use platform which provides a fiat-crypto gateway while supporting a wide range of crypto-crypto pairs. Being an exchange with competitive ratesand top-notch security, Tokenize Xchange also has an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform where projects with great potential are hand-picked to raise funds. The team aspires to build the next generation digital currency exchange that supports both established and emerging digital currencies.

About Opiria| Opiria

Opiria is an online decentralized platform for real-time market research and customer experience feedback, which offers organizations a faster and more precise approach to understand how their consumers think, experience, see and feel. By doing away with veiled middlemen and allowing companies to buy personal data directly from consumers, we are also helping them to better understand the requirements and needs of their clients in a real-time and cost-efficient way.

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