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Tiffany & Co. has come up with NFT custom-made pendants

Tiffany & Co. has come up with NFT custom-made pendants

Many major brands, including Tiffany & Co., have been following the trend and adapting to NFT like never before. The brand known for making outstanding jeweler designs has announced its entry into the world of non-fungible tokens.

Tiffany & Co. plans to make CryptoPunk NFTs into customized pendants worth $50k. On Sunday, the jeweler company declared its latest endeavor in the non-fungible token industry. The pendants will be called NFTiff, while the artisans will work on transforming the CryptoPunk NFTs into Tiffany & Co.’s handcrafted bespoke pendants.

The company has gone through the extra work of designing and dedicating an entire website for the launch of NFTiff, which will consist of a collection of 250 digital assets. Each customer will be capped at buying three pendants, as the maximum number of CryptoPunk pendants customized is limited.

More insight into NFTiff’s customized CryptoPunk pendants

As stated by the founders of Larva Labs, each pendant will consist of a 24 x 24-pixel image, which will be generated through certain algorithms, representing each CryptoPunk NFT.

A pendant encrusted with a gemstone from Tiffany & Co. will be valued at 30 ETH coins, including the handling and shipping charges. Enamel and gemstones will represent all the 159 colours and 87 attributes of CryptoPunk NFTs.

The Tiffany designers will customize the pendants according to the NFTs owned by each client, and the digital copies will be made available to the customers by the end of October. However, the NFTiff pendant buyers will have to wait till next year to get a physical copy embedded with diamonds and gemstones.


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