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There can only be one: training to trade at Nominex Arena!

We firmly believe in survival of the fittest. That’s why our staff is actually really hot. 

If you don’t believe us, check out or LinkedIn photos (nudes for Triple Diamond and Diamond Elite members only:) 

Joking aside, when Darwin said, “survival of the fittest” he didn’t actually mean health, although the level of fitness played a part in his theory. What he meant was “survival of those who can best fit the changing environments”. That means using the best way of solving problems and preparing yourself for dangerous situations. 

Fail to prepare=prepare to fail

Life keeps throwing challenges at us. If you want to survive you better adapt, improvise, and overcome. 

When man (insert a gender-neutral pronoun) was created, evolving meant a difference between life and death. Lazy, feeble, and those who just didn’t really care died out very quickly. 

Today, although modern society brought us many of life’s luxuries, a fatal mistake people make is forgetting that, despite living in our comfortable and protected conditions, we are still hard-wired to evolve. Evolution is everything. If you don’t evolve, you don’t really live. 

Best example? Fitness. If you don’t exercise every day, you become unhealthy and slowly stop feeling pleasure in living. Exercise cures depression, increases earnings, and improves relationships. You must keep up with the race to stay where you are like Alice said in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. 

That works in every medium and with exchanges too. 

  • If, as the CEO, you’ve got a lot of money but you don’t use it to keep upgrading security, hackers, who are upgrading (and exercising) every day, usually the whole day, will out-evolve you and hack you.

  • If you fail to get with the massive modern trend for privacy and users’ comfort, you lose millions of users who will be picked up by more evolved exchanges.

  • If you make trading boring, you will miss out on the generation of Millenials getting into trading. The saddest part is that the losses aren’t quantifiable. You just never know how much more successful you as the owner could have been. 

The list goes on and on. But ultimately what really matters is: every day life will send you messages and give you feedback. You must stay up to date and go with the times if you don’t want to be left behind. Prosaic, we know, but there is no way around that. 

What we’re doing to stay ahead of the elliptic curve

Nominex is fully aware that modern problems require modern solutions. This city needs a hero. That is why, as exchanges and banks are falling all around us, mortally wounded because of weak spots they have themselves left open and defenseless, we proudly stand tall. Why? Because every day we listen to the ether (see what we did there?), take your feedback, and turn it into another strength.

We know security means a lot to you, so we provided exemplary cybersecurity from the country where NATO goes to train cybersecurity defenses and learn. 

We know all work and no play sucks, which is why we have cordial support, tons of bonuses, and gamification is coming. Soon trading on Nominex will be as fun as playing Tom Clancy’s Wildlands (not Breakpoint…NOT Breakpoint!). 

But more than anything we know no-one wants to be thrown right into the battle unprepared. Which is why every time you begin playing a game there is a tutorial. Not convinced? Imagine being thrown onto a battlefield with no experience. Contrary to popular belief, you have absolutely no idea who’s shooting who and where the bullets are coming from. You can get hit at any second. This is the stuff that drives grown men to sob uncontrollably in a fetus position right under enemy fire. Nothing quite prepares you get getting shot at but field training definitely helps. 

Real SEALs and Green Berets prepare their missions for years. Years! That’s how carefully they approach the real thing. And this is why we provide you with an opportunity to demo-trade first. Because traders usually don’t practice beforehand, almost 9 out of 10 traders lose their money in the end. But hey, you can be the last one standing. We’ve got you covered. 

You said “gamification”, right? So do I need to take demo as a game?

Don’t treat demo-trading frivolously. Better yet, treat it with religious fervor. And this is why. 

Fantastical trading makes a difference between Green Berets and newbie recruits. That much you know if you know how Special Ops Officer trading differs from a two-week bouncer course you can take with your local jobcentre. But don’t worry. When you’re done with Nominex’s Education courses, blog articles, and demo trading, we will turn you from a green recruit to a seasoned veteran. 

Maybe you haven’t experienced compulsory Basic Training depending on where you live. But literally everyone can become a trader, lose one’s life savings due to lack of practice – or come to the arena ready.

It’s imperative that you demo-trade first to get a real feel for the process. Things tend to be really different on paper and in real life. We want you to feel protected and have as little stress as possible. Which is why the demo option is always there for you. If anything else is unclear, ask our support for details. 

Demo Tournaments 

Now, more about equal opportunities. We know the world isn’t a fair place yet. 

For the billions of unbanked out there, living on a dollar a day and walking miles to get clean water is just…life. 

For countries like Venezuela, a humanitarian crisis that came out of nowhere means struggling to feed your family amongst a rapidly vanishing future for your children and a dramatic rise in crime rates. 

Even in the so-called 1st world countries, modern families face astounding debt spirals, economic uncertainty, and tens of millions of unemployed after the pandemic. 

On the one hand, it’s unfair and brutal. On the other, for those severely disadvantaged gaining access to Nominex’s demo trading tournaments is a chance to create real prizes with 0 starting capital. No entry cap. No KYC (we don’t want to go grass anyone up to the DEA and IRS). No massive outflows of users. No delays.

If you feel like taking life into your own hands, getting registered at Nominex and starting trading will take you less time than reading this last paragraph. Stay safe! We provide fantastical education so you can bring every type of weapon to the fight. We do demo trading so you can train beforehand. And we offer demo tournaments as a chance to make your dreams come true. 

Try us! There’s nothing to lose (literally).

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