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The YouTube and Twitter accounts of the British Army are under the hackers’ wrath

The YouTube and Twitter accounts of the British Army are under the hackers’ wrath

On Sunday, the social media accounts of the British Army were hacked. Through their Twitter account, cryptocurrency giveaway scams were promoted along with the sale of a fake NFT image.

On the other hand, from the British Army’s YouTube account, the hackers live-streamed Elon Musk’s videos, redirecting followers to scammed cryptocurrency websites.

The names of the social media handles were changed

Meanwhile, the name of the Twitter handle was changed to “Pssssd”, while the profile picture displayed a non-fungible token’s image, and the collection was named “The Possessed.”

The incident was reported from the official account of NFT Collectibles, stating that a scam was undergoing concerning their collections through a verified but hacked account. Also, the ownership data of the NFTs was published on Twitter.

The YouTube channel owned by the UK Military Department was renamed “Ark Investment”—the cryptocurrency investment company owned by the big bulls of bitcoin—Cathie Wood and Tesla. All the old videos on the YouTube channel were erased and replaced with Elon Musk’s clip live-streaming his conversation with the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Tweets by the Defense Ministry of Britain

On Monday morning, the Ministry of Defense of Britain tweeted: “All the social media handles have been restored to their original owners, and an investigation into the hackers is on the go.”

The tweet further stated how matters of security are taken seriously by the army, and they won’t be giving any further comments on the matter until and unless the investigation has been completed.

A spokesperson from Twitter also confirmed the compromised situation with the British Military’s Twitter handle. And now, the accounts have been secured and locked.


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