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The User-Merchant-Developer Trinity. Global E-Commerce’s biggest challenge? Enter Agate

Agate, The Crypto Updates

The cryptocurrency economy continues to grow towards a promising future. So does the fear and speculations surrounding it. Much of these speculations and uncertainty have nothing to do with the cryptocurrency itself but due to the lack of an unified dynamic platform that offers ease, transparency and robustness to the cryptocurrency trade.

Most of the prevalent trade platforms are technologically backwards, offers limited features, have high transaction fees, lengthy transaction time, and lack of dynamism & flexibility thus causing despair and frustrations amongst the merchants, consumers and the developers alike.

Enter Agate. Agate is a decentralized cryptocurrency trade platform that provides solutions to all the existing problems and creates an eco-system so unique that it is set to revolutionise the cryptocurrency trading forever.  What makes Agate so unique is the fact that the Blockchain platform that it offers for trading, gives a complete end-to-end solution to all the participants- Customers, Merchants and the Developers. Let’s have a look at the features and benefits that Agate offers from each of these perspectives.

Customer Benefits

  • Volatility– Users can receive optimal value for the transfer of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. to iFiat through an automated AI bot and an AI engine. This ensures that there is no loss in cryptocurrency transfer valuations due to poor exchange markets.
  • Speed– The Agate Blockchain is designed for near instantaneous transaction speeds. This is a huge leap from the existing exchanges that delays transaction settlements to few minutes or upto few days.
  • Asset Management– Users can store upto 17 different coins and tokens from other blockchains in the Agate multi-currency wallet.
  • iFiat Exchange: Users can convert their cryptocurrencies into iFiat using the Agate AI Engine or the Agate Trading bot thus ensuring maximum profits with no loss.
  • iBucket (iFiat based Transaction): Users can transfer their iFiat to a wide range of merchants with minimal transaction fees and settlement time of as less as 3 seconds.
  • Debit Card: Users are provided with a Debit card for instant transfer of iFiat and subsequent spending.
  • Bank account deposit: Users can also transfer their iFiat to a local bank account in 25 different currencies, spread over 50 countries.

Merchant Benefits

  • Agate Payment Gateway (PG) App/ Plug-Ins: Free and easy to install App/Plug-Ins enable merchants to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with absolute ease. This feature can also integrate with some of the world’s largest E-commerce online store platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, etc.
  • Agate POS Terminal– Using the POS terminal allows the merchants to process any cryptocurrency without the volatility risk and receive the precise dollar values of the goods and services being offered.
  • iFiat Based Transaction– Merchants can receive near instantaneous transaction settlement speeds of as less as 3 seconds with minimal transaction fees.
  • Debit card– Merchants can transfer their iFiat to the Debit card for instant spending.
  • Transfer to Bank Account: Merchants can also transfer the iFiat to the local bank using the bank transfer feature.

Developer Benefits

Agate Payment Gateway API: Developers will now have an option to customize and develop their own payment gateway using the Agate API Suite.
DApp or DAO: The strong and reliable infrastructure of the Agate Blockchain platform would also allow developers to customise and create their own unique DApp and DAO.
Scalability: The Blockchain platform consists of 3 Microblocks that offer easy scalability to deploy.

The Agate Blockchain Platform is unique and innovative that offers high speed, scalability, very low transaction fees, security, Block Explorer, security and much more. An eco system that caters to every participant’s need and wish, Agate is set to redefine the crypto trade and help propel the merging of the crypto economy with that of the mainstream.

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