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The Tyre Resolution by Re-tyre

As humanity, we owe most of our technological achievements to the growth of various industries, but for these industries to thrive, they need many resources that create staggering environmental pollution.


One significant part of global pollution is the tyre problem. Billions of tyres are considered waste globally, and the fact they are made of rubber makes this a significant problem. Although their decomposing time is around 50-80 years, which is respectable, there’s still a staggering 3.3 million tonnes of tyre waste per year shredded in the EU alone.


Re-tyre decided to add value to solving the problem of tyre waste by taking a decentralized path and trying to involve as many people as possible in the process. Decentralized solutions and blockchain technology help tremendously in tyre recycling.


The $RTR token is the cornerstone of tyre recycling


They created a token on the Ethereum blockchain to serve their purposes. The token is already available for trading, buying, holding, and stacking.


The Re-tyre token is simply called $RTR and gives a chance to everyone to help in the process of company development. Buying it will mean supporting the cause. The entire supply of the RTR token is 500,000,000, and 43.35% of it will be available on stock exchange sales.


An additional 33.35% are held in the hands of the project’s creators, 13.3% go into company partners’ hands, and 10% will be allocated through different pre-sales, ICO, and seeds. The fully diluted stock is expected to reach $125 million.


How does the Re-tyre project change the world?


By purchasing Re-tyre token, everyone can add value to cleaning the world from tyre waste. Re-tyre also has its own marketplace through which everyone interested can keep the process running. The marketplace helps you reach out to everyone involved in the process – shippers, manufacturers, dealerships, etc.


It is the bridge needed for people working in the tyre industry globally. You no longer need connections to find out who has crumb rubber, search for transport, and find a market for the product. Everything’s available in the marketplace, and payment is in crypto, a secure and seamless process.


How to help in tyre recycling and reducing pollution


At this stage, you can purchase crypto and help the development of the project. According to the company’s roadmap, they are at the mobile plant construction phase.


The Re-tyre project plans a disintegration unit called (Green Rubber Cracking Technology) that will ensure 100% use of old tyres. The process will create no pollution whatsoever, but the company needs support for development.

If you want to provide support, the best way to do it is following Re-tyre on social media and join the upcoming ICO or buy the token directly on their website . With more RTR tokens in circulation, the company will get wind in its sails and manage to develop the unit faster and start working on environment preservation sooner.

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