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The Testing Version of DNAxCAT , the Most Anticipated Blockchain Game in the Outbreak of GameFi, is Live!

NFT transactions reached $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, with Play to Earn blockchain game represented by Axe being the highest-selling NFT project. The participation of millions of players around the world has made GameFi the hottest blockchain track after DeFi. Since October, the crypto-asset market has been on the rise and seems to be arranging a round new outbreak. To jump on the opportunity of gameFi’s outbreak, many investors or players are trying to find the next Axie lnfinity.

As the first blockchain game launched by YooShi, the global head blockchain game incubation platform, DNAxCAT has attracted the attention of blockchain players all over the world with its huge wealth effect since it released the Genesis Gem NFT in August. On October 15, DNAxCAT launched a testing version and plans to launch the official version in a few weeks. For players who are still looking for or have never experienced the charm of Play to Earn, this is definitely a worthwhile blockchain game.

Let’s see how about the DNAxCAT game through the released testing version.

Enter the DNSCAT website and click “Play Now” in the navigation bar at the top of the interface to download the game.

Currently, the testing version is only available for Android phones, but there will be ios and PC versions available for different devices when the game is officially released. After downloading, enter your BSC blockchain wallet address to enter the game interface.

There are 18 kinds of Genesis Cats in DNAxCAT, each with different elements, attributes, and skills. The battle mode in the game is round-based, with simple rules but various gameplays, players need to think about formation, stance and restraint and so on. Different cats can form different formations and have different effects. In the testing version of DNAxCAT, players will have all kinds of Genesis Cats and can fully explore and verify the effectiveness of their formation strategies by clicking the “Expedition” button at the bottom of the game interface to participate in PVE adventures.

What should be noted that this is a file deletion test, and players still need to own a Cat NFT to participate in the official version of the game. However, by passing the test, players will purchase the Cat NFT more purposefully without wasting money.

Players will get cat experience and in-game tokens after winning in PVE Adventure mode. The in-game token here, similar to the SLP in Axie, is also an in-game token asset that can be used to summon a new generation of cats.

Through the testing version, we learned that common players can earn money by PVE adventures, earning up to 50 in-game tokens per day; also players can get an additional 25 in-game tokens (reward values and methods may be adjusted in the official version) for completing tasks such as daily task, daily login and PVE adventure; and for higher-level players, more revenue comes from PVP Arena, which is not open yet.

After completely experience the game, it has to be said that the DNAxCAT game is very well produced with smooth operation and relaxing interface and image design. More importantly, participation in the game is profitable, fulfilling the dream of global players to Play To Earn. The launch of cat market and the summoning system outside the game have also make players feel the enthusiasm of DNAxCAT community.

Recently, DNAxCAT also announced the economic model, which promotes the continuous ecological prosperity by transferring some of the revenue from service charges such as cat markets and summoning to community treasury and exchange DXCT burn, indicating that DNAxCAT is a project that will continue to bring surprises for players. So seize the opportunity to take part in game test before the DNSCAT game is officially launched, the accumulation of game experience is also an accumulation of potential wealth for yourself!

Download DNAxCAT Game APP here:


Official Group: @DNAxCAT_official
Official Channel: @DNAxCAT_NEWS

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