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The New Tron Platform is Bringing TRX Directly into Stores Worldwide


A new payment system has been designed by Tron which allows stores globally to accept TRX. The platform has been named Poppy and is run on Clover, one of the popular cloud-based POS software. Clover is one such platform which is used by the stores worldwide to accept traditional payment methods like Mastercard and Visa. Clover users who download the app will be able to transact with Tron and the other Tron tokens.

TronCards, are similar to credit cards in appearance and are used as wallets. Poppy will be accepting these cards and will act as a payment method for Tron and TRX tokens. Generic Tron wallets are also supported on Poppy.

Sesameseed, a crowdsourced Tron-based developer app accelerator is developing the Poppy app. Sesameseed has stated “The ability to pay for everyday purchases quickly and effortlessly has been the goal of many cryptocurrencies. To this day, there are few to none that have succeeded at allowing them to freely transact. Merchants and retailers continue to be unable to accept cryptocurrency payments in-store or online.”

He further added “Poppy is designed to solve that issue by bridging both crypto and fiat payments, utilizing TRX and other TRON tokens with additional Visa, MasterCard and cash payment support, offering a diverse functionality in terms of its payment and redemption platform. With its innovative utilization of Clover POS, TRON Blockchain, TronCard, and Seedit, Poppy will give merchants and retailers the freedom to execute cryptocurrency transactions quickly and efficiently all over the world and online.”

Even though Clover does not allow the direct acceptance of cryptocurrencies with the help of third-party apps, it will facilitate crypto transactions with the help of payroll cards, mobile wallets, prepaid cards and other similar products.

Sesameseed said “The use of Tron card itself is different. The funding of this card is different, as it won’t be happening at the terminal but with the help of an associated application. We are ready to create an application that will be able to perform the transactions.”

The project is now planning to raise $240,000 from Tron and Sesameseed communities to create the TronCard and POS system.  

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