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The Many Reasons of Getting a Prince2 Training

Leading a group of people is not an easy task. But it does come naturally to a lot of people. Honing these natural skills can be a good idea for the advancement of one’s career. Companies are always looking for leaders and a trained leader is an asset for them. If you want to become a leader, project management is a great career path.

Leading the work of a team so that a project and all its goals can be achieved within specified restraints such as time, budget, and scope is known as Project Management. There are many approaches to project management and one of the best and most popular methodologies available is called Prince2. It is easy to find a Prince2 foundation classroom training and there are many benefits of getting this certification. 

Benefits of getting a Prince2 certification

  • Improving skills-

The most important and the most obvious reason for doing a Prince2 foundation course is to improve skills in project management. Prince2 is a course that teaches people methodology, framework, terminology, procedures, and common systems. Professionally learning these skills and getting certified in them helps one properly use this knowledge to be better and more efficient in managing a project. This skillset is required to initiate, plan, monitor, manage and execute projects in a more systematic way. 

  • Easy to learn- 

Prince2 foundation course is not very difficult to learn in the beginning. Most courses that are available today can be very time-consuming. This can be hard as it might put extra pressure on your professional or academic life. It is not possible to give an additional course more importance and time than your job or school. Prince2 doesn’t pose that problem. Properly attending any Prince2 foundation classroom training, solving mock tests, going through practical exercises are enough to prepare you for the exam. The exam is not very difficult to pass either- a candidate needs 61% in 200 questions to pass it. If one doesn’t, PMI lets a candidate take this test thrice in one year. Once you’ve given the exam, you’ll get a certificate for it very soon without going through any registration or auditing processes. 

  • Global Recognition- 

Prince2 is widely used and adopted all over the world. A Prtince2 foundation course certification carries importance in several countries of Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is a standard for project management in many of these countries and the popularity of Prince2 continues to grow in other continents as well.

  • Job Prospects- 

As we’ve seen before, a Prince2 certification is desired by many countries. People with this training can get a job in several industries such as IT, management, finance, marketing, etc. Mentioning this certification in your CV will set you apart from all the others applying for the same job. The probability of getting a job as a leader increases with this certification. The position one gets with this training is also more high paying than many other jobs.

Getting a Prtince2 foundation course can be nothing but beneficial for one and getting it is a great idea!

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