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The joint project of Bitfury aims at managing Blockchain tech and Medical Data

Blockchain tech and Medical Data

Bitfury Group, as well as Longenesis that uses blockchain as its underlying core, have come together to introduce a new venture. The corporations have come up with a consent management system which they drive via blockchain. The new management system is meant for the healthcare industry. Both of the companies announced the management system in a press release. And Cointelegraph, the cryptocurrency and blockchain media outlet was an integral part of the press release.

The press release came into being to address the ongoing issues that arise with conventional user consent management. The consent management plays a crucial role in continuoual future research endeavors. The new product will create compliance between the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, General Data Protection Regulation. In the second place, the crucial element of the new product line wants to streamline the collection of medical research data.

Working Principle of the consent management system

The consent management system is going to take stalk of collecting the data. Then consent management system will wait for the data and the updates until they are done with the collecting. The user consent management will keep the record of the data on the blockchain of ExonumTM. As a  blockchain, ExonumTM is going to record the date and time of the records which proceeds to the blockchain. Then the recorded data can be used for the future surveys of the healthcare industry.

By the looks of it, the solution would work as a complete system for managing data. On the other hand, the users will utilize the digital systems for storing their consent.

CEO of Insilico Medicine, Alex Zhavoronkov said that the regulations of blockchain and cryptocurrency vary from places to places. And this is calling forward the need for the organizational researches to deploy the groundbreaking content management systems. With the help of content management system protecting the data of the owners will become the top-most priority.

Blockchain and Content Management System

The content management system is much more promising than the regulations on blockchain around the world. The procedure of the content, on the other hand, is rapid, free, universal as well as cost-effective. In the medical industry, protecting the patients is the top-most priority.

The medical institutions have to make the patients educated and keep them protected. When it comes to cyber attacks on a blockchain network, the attacks are impossible to take place. By the looks of it, the blockchain networks are incredibly secure.

Hence, the medical institutions want to use blockchain to keep the privacy and the security of the patients intact.

Back in February 2019, Medical Diagnostic Web and Bitfury came into a partnership agreement. Medical Diagnostic Web is a favorite radiology blockchain marketplace. MDW and Bitfury came together to create an ecosystem for the medical image with the help of blockchain technology. Bitfury’s Longenesis & MDW will curate a secure and sharing platform for diagnostic information like X-rays, CT scans and medical imaging.

Blockchain technology is the best option for the medical organization who want to adopt electronic health information. Ministry of Science & ICT of South Korea came together with Seoul Medical Center to develop a project called “Smart Hospital.” The project aims to improve the accuracy of the data. As a result, the collaboration will reduce the processing time for Seoul Medical Center.

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