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The HUMAN Protocol Aims To Transform The Exchange of Human work & Knowledge Via Its HUMAN App

HUMAN Protocol provides a global stage for job seekers to find opportunities in organizations that require their skills. The Protocol is unique, and it can break complex jobs into smaller tasks and distribute the tasks through incorporated applications across multiple blockchains. Funds are escrowed and released only when tasks are completed. The HUMAN Protocol facilitates the interaction between humans and machines; structured to re-organize the prospects and nature of human labor, by changing organizations’ methods of connecting to the labor force, and exposing job seekers to more beneficial opportunities.

In an attempt to make its operations swift, HUMAN Protocol launched the HUMAN App. This App digitally connects those willing to work with corporate organizations seeking to hire their skills. It is a way of getting access to work facilitated on the Protocol. Anyone with skills joins and gains access to various data-labeling tasks and earns HUMAN Token ($HMT) for such tasks on completion. It is a comprehensive open-source execution system that enables teams building on HUMAN to quickly develop their solutions. The App is the first of its type; any can use the open-source technology to build their own solutions. 

For the sake of ML and other related companies, it concentrates on providing jobs in data labeling. These jobs exist in the App, with a possibility of adding more jobs and job types, and more opportunities to earn $HMT.

Details about the HUMAN App

The Protocol’s team is pleased with the unique features the App offers, including the massive show of interest and positive response by members of our community, with more than 200,000 registered users integrated into the HUMAN App at launch. Most of the registered members of the HUMAN community were able to complete diverse tasks through a simplified and easy-to-use interface serving as the gateway into the labor market the App provides. To ease scalability and offer a user-friendly interface that consolidates trust and transparency, the App is deployed on both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. However, the team of developers is earnestly working to enable support for other top-rated blockchains.

How to Earn in HUMAN App

Yes, you too can earn a substantial amount of HMT if you use the App today. How?

  • Sign up on the HUMAN App, fill in the correct information, and earn 1 HMT.
  • You earn a predefined amount of HMT by completing tasks in the HUMAN App network.
  • You’ll also gain 1 HMT when you refer a friend. But on the premise that the referred person will sign up with their email and wallet address before the HMT can be sent to you.

Only when your account has gone through the verification process, will you be permitted to withdraw your $HMT on the HUMAN App. The team has integrated Civic, a third-party user identification protocol designed to help users verify their accounts. Once your account is verified, you then go ahead to link the information provided on the Civic Protocol to your HUMAN App account following the prompt on your device.

Join the Protocol, become a member and earn HMT by completing simple tasks and challenges. This App ensures that just possessing the right skills; there is always a task for everyone. You can also visit the website for more information.


The HUMAN App is a combined effort of both teams of developers and the large community of users. The goal is to ensure users have an awesome experience using the HUMAN App. Hence, the HUMAN App has undergone — and is still going through — diverse remodifications and transformations as the team explore various positive impact possibilities and directions. More features and job types will be added with time.

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