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Crypto-exchange ExMarkets launches its highly-anticipated off-chain staking feature for passive earnings on idle account balances

Singapore, 30 July 2020 – Global digital asset exchange platform, ExMarkets, announced the launch of their off-chain staking feature which will be available to traders from 31 July 2020 onwards. The new feature will provide users with an opportunity to earn passively, by dedicating designated amounts of coins to participating projects in the ExMarkets staking wallets. Earnings from the staking feature will vary based on pre-agreed rates, and paid out on a weekly basis.

ExMarket’s off-chain staking feature will also allow users to earn compounding interest, by giving users the option to reinvest the rewarded tokens back into the staking pool. In addition, the digital asset exchange platform is currently looking to integrate an alternative reward payment option in its second phase of off-chain staking development, allowing users to directly receive Tether (USDT) as a payment reward. Staking pools for participating projects will be allotted a limited-amount, and will be operated on a first-in-first-served basis — with participating projects to be announced via its social media platforms and official Telegram channel.

Tadas Kasputis, Founder of ExMarkets says, “At ExMarkets, we are always looking to introduce features that will be value-add to our trading community. The off-chain staking feature is one that we are extremely excited to introduce and adds another layer of investment mechanics to our platform.”

New Home-Page Optimized for User Experience

On its mission to enhance user experience, ExMarkets also recently released an upgraded home-page for the exchange platform that strives to streamline the overall trading process. Apart from the new look, the latest enhancements include a simplified registration process with no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure for crypto to crypto trading. Users will now be able to register an account with just an email and password and be given access to deposit, withdraw and trade anonymously. The close-to-instant log in system is expected to improve convenience by eliminating the tedious proceedings without compromising on security. The revamped platform will also be charging 0% fees for all deposits and withdrawals, assuring users of no hidden fees in their crypto bags. 

Tadas also shared, “The platform is surely growing into a recognized brand in the industry and we would like to continuously improve our services to best suit the interests and needs of the traders and projects onboard. We believe ExMarkets’ unique positioning and user-focused model will bring in new people into the crypto ecosystem and help them achieve better financial independence”. 

The Future of ExMarkets 

As it looks towards the maturity of its ecosystem, ExMarkets will be implementing social trading on its exchange platform. The unique feature, which is gaining momentum in the crypto and forex trading space, allows new traders to kick-start their trading journey by following the professionals as a lead. The new-comers will precisely replicate the tactics of the experienced traders to stimulate similar personal benefits in exchange for a small subscription fee. This is in line with ExMarkets’ goal of simplifying crypto trading for everyday users and bringing more crypto-enthusiasts onboard.

About ExMarkets 

ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art trading engine developed in-house. Ever since its launch 18 months ago, ExMarkets has been rapidly growing and currently has about 160,000 traders accounts across the globe with a total trading volume exceeding USD 25,000,000. ExMarkets users also participate in token sales of blockchain projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad. Upon the registration of an account, users are allowed to make deposits in Euros, Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well other supported cryptocurrencies and tokens. With more than 100 trading pairs, ExMarkets have hosted up to 60 IEOs – making it one of the most active IEO startup accelerators worldwide. For more information, visit

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