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The Future of Entertainment in Web3 Space: Player One Tournament takes lead in Web3 GameFi Tournament Building

Player One Tournament Season 2 held by Game Space has concluded on March 23rd after a 12-day of intense competition. The tournament has brought together OG gamers and  gaming enthusiasts to jointly play Web3’s leading AAA games Oath of Peak, The Lost Land and Bless Global. This time, the tournament has gathered 15,000 USDT listed tokens as the grand prize pool and gained the support from over 50 partners including, KCC Chain, ByBit Exchange, DappRadar, Link3, leading DAOs and Gaming Guilds. The Player One Tournament Season 2 surged a craze again with over 419.8K+ Give Lab Entries, generated 569K+Twitter engagement, 36K+combined Twitter Follower growth for gaming partners and held Twitter Spaces with the ‘big boys’ of the games behind the scenes. 

The rise of GamFi brought disruption to the traditional mainstream gaming industry, with initially P2E becoming a mass hit and slowly dying due to the continuous improvements of the GameFi ecosystem and quality games entering the unknown, shaping the GameFi space together with communities. For each tournament, Game Space digs into the reason behind the success of the projects and touches on the points of mass adoption of Web3 Gaming, infrastructure and gameplay etc. together with partners to push GameFi development and bring more legitimacy to the space. 

Game Space CEO, Michael Cameron said: ”Web3 GameFi Tournaments are in its premature stage, where usually big GameFi Tournaments are only held with one game instead of multiple games. With the Player One Tournament, we tried to make exciting things happen for true game lovers and make GameFi relevant in Web3 space while the market is currently quiet.”

“What sets us apart from other Web3 Tournaments is that we try our best to make them as similar to Web2 Esports tournaments as we possibly can, although we have a long way to go, we feel that very few companies are doing tournaments well in the industry. For sure there is alot of learning curves that we will face but we have the community and partners to take a stab at it and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Behind the team of Oath of Peak, developed by Yeeha Games are a group of pro-gamers, previous executives from Tencent, seniors from Riot Games and so on. Yeeha Games quotes: “The idea of the Player One Tournament is brilliant! Gathering players together and hosting a game tournament is a great way to let people engage! As a game player, who doesn’t want to enjoy some new games with friends, right? I am really glad that more players can enjoy Oath of Peak. Other than God’s Relic, there are many more features that are really fun as well. It has been a great experience!

Moreover, according to them, the argument is that the word “Web3 games” is overrated especially when people think of Web3 games as P2E games. Great games are ultimately great games, regardless of Web2 or Web3,  and that is also where the Yeeha Games  is heading with game design and development. What makes games so successful is that brilliant game designers continually design new and different ways of gameplay and incorporate Web3 technology with what’s already there seamlessly. Players can earn by playing these games, however that is never the priority, it is about making a fun and enjoyable experience and then players that were able to provide this experience to other people for earning because they generated something of value. Earning is just a byproduct of a great Web3 game. 

Through the tournament, the possibilities of mass adoption for Web3 Games has also been explored. Representatives of The Lost Land and Bless Global argued that there are no black-and-white answers in this perspective. Obviously, Gameplay is the key to mass adoption. GameFi developers should be prioritizing creating a project that people want to keep playing endlessly while simultaneously creating real-world value and utility for in-game assets. Of course, gamers are also the primary target and GameFi is about adding a new dimension of compelling gameplay to Web2 games. 

For many Web3 projects, choosing which chain to be deployed on is also one of the key factors. From the gaming partners that Game Space has partnered with, we can see that choosing a chain really depends on your positioning and how your gameplay is designed. In the current industry we can see that Wax Chain, HIVE Chain and Polygon etc have worked well for various Web3 Gaming  projects. Especially for Oath Of Peak, Polygon works the best due to a few reasons including it being cheap and match the game design nature (a lot of the interactions and updates are on chain) and gas fee should not be a hindrance for great gameplay experience.It was also mentioned that for a Web3 game to be successful, not everything should be on chain but rather to use blockchain technology to improve your game experience and maintain the the same quality and same like efficiency of game service.

For Game Space, holding the Player One tournament is a collaboration between partners to bring mutual benefits, co-build market awareness and build the GameFi space stronger. Game Space currently has more than 122K+ Twitter Followers, 60K+ Unique active Web3 community members and over 50 strategic partners and established long term collaborations with Web2 Esports companies such as NerfIt!, Unix Gaming, Planet League to support the tournament that targets the OG gaming enthusiast and convert more Web2 gamers to Web3. In the future Game Space hopes to bring Web3 Gaming into the scale of major Web2 Esport tournaments online and offline, leveraging the advantage of blockchain and its scalability to inviting many games that are deployed on the chain to attend, showcasing the interactions  through airdrops, POAP, asset confirmation etc. and the impact that can influence the gaming industry.

About Game Space

Game Space is Web3’s first Casual GameFi Hub featuring classic hit games to bring an extra hour of happiness everyday in Web3. Through Free-to-play and Web2 entry methods on the platform, the series of Casual GameFi games forms an ecosystem that allows the game’s rewards of USDT, game props, NFT and Game Points (GP) to interchange and convert to form an effective overlay. Game Space has already launched classic mini-games such as Goat! Goat!, Merge Bird, Melon Fusion and its own reward focus game MythMania. Together with partners, Game Space will explore the future of Social GameFi, including DID and other Web3 innovations to bring an extra hour of happiness every day for Web3 users.




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