The First Blockchain Incubator Will Open in Tampa

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain overall seem to have taken a great stand throughout the entire world – and slowly, but surely, it is beginning to make its way into property trade. Brandon Middleton saw the potential, which is why he decided to put his business right in the eye of things. 


This led to the opening of the New Wealth CoLab, a Blockchain-focused workspace, and property run by Middleton himself, the founder of the Tampa-based USA Portfolio Actual Property agency. With the help of the property staff, they renovated a home in Seminole Heights – Tampa, FL, aiming to draw entrepreneurs that are interested in co-working houses and NFT workshops.


Aim of the Workplace


As Bitcoin is reaching a peak, the Blockchain incubator is meant to be a hub for education. It aims to create a pool of clients that may be interested in Blockchain and NFTs, as well as real estate, but do not have the knowledge base for it. 


The group has been going through weekly lessons for a year at this point, and it has already brought together a group of startup owners and native buyers interested in the domain. 


The real estate group wants to create 300 NFT passes, allowing them to access the workshops. Once the limit has been reached, newcomers would have to buy the access pass from someone that has finalized their work there. 


The Blockchain incubator wants to be more than your average built-in lender, offering a collaborative area for only a fraction of what other similar areas may ask. 


Opening the Doors to Opportunity


The New Wealth CoLab opened on February 26th. The 7,000 square foot workspace had a variety of uses before Middleton moved in, from a medical office to an architectural company. Brandon Middleton rented the suites on the second floor one year ago, but the doors will only open officially on the 26th as a result of his recent efforts. 


While Middleton only rented the property beforehand, now he had the opportunity to buy it beforehand as a result of a foreclosure. Thanks to his existent relationship with the lender, he succeeded in buying the entire building for $1.7 million in November of 2021. 


A Comfortable Collaborative Space


Renovation projects started soon after the purchase was finalized. Middleton’s plan was to create a bigger, more refreshing collaborative space where the interested parties could exchange ideas and conduct their business. 


He even furnished the entire space with phone booths and desks, where the pass holders can conduct their business and make private calls.


The workspace will also have sliding doors, which will separate yet keep connected the work area to a chic café. There, the members can enjoy drinks and snacks, as well as entertainment for a well-deserved break. A pool table was also added to the café, where members can mingle and exchange ideas. 


What It Brings On the Table


The property in Tampa is a place of high potential as a Blockchain incubator, where real estate and Blockchain entrepreneurs can gather and do their work. While it mostly aims to gather self-employed entrepreneurs, anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and network can obtain a pass. By becoming one of the 300 members of the workshop, you gain access to the following features: 


  1. Live Events 


By joining the Blockchain incubator, you will receive access to live events that have been regularly scheduled for your purposes. These events will typically be held by celebrities and industry gurus that can keep you informed on the future of Blockchain laws


  1. Coaching from Pros


Finding the right coach is likely one of the most challenging parts of advancing in any industry. For this reason, the Tampa Blockchain incubator aims to connect individuals to an array of successful Blockchain and real estate entrepreneurs.


  1. Professional Presence for Businesses


With more and more people working remotely, it is difficult to create a space that can bring your business a more professional feel. The hub wants to help increase the professional presence of entrepreneurs, where they may build their brand. 


  1. Networking Opportunities


Face-to-face networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase your professional success. The Blockchain incubator not only connects you with fellow Blockchain and real estate professionals but also to a network of reliable vendors that have been thoroughly vetted.


The Bottom Line


Brandon Middleton’s Blockchain hub aims to offer a unique learning experience that takes a more collaborative approach. Once the doors have been opened, members can learn from one another in an elegant, high-end community where everyone has the opportunity for success.

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