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The Computer of the Future – What Predictions Can We Make Today

Awareness of the dizzying speed with which computer technologies are developing has leaked into the public consciousness. Who has not heard the joke that if you buy a computer in a store, it will become obsolete by the time you take it home? But if you still want a new computer, read here about, and we will tell you about the most progressive devices that will become a reality in the future.

Qubits, Carbon Nanotubes and the Foreseeable Future

In the meantime, the minds of scientists are working for the future. Experiments on the creation of fundamentally new systems, which are based not on silicon chips, but something fundamentally new is constantly being conducted in laboratories around the world. The fact is that modern computers simply have nowhere to develop. You can increase the number of cores, increase the frequency, but this is all – there are no more than temporary measures. Significant productivity growth should be expected from other technologies.

Developments for the creation of computers, which will be based on carbon nanotubes, the thickness of which is thousands of times smaller than a human hair are already underway at the moment. It is expected that they will significantly reduce the size and power consumption of systems.

There are other very interesting developments, the theoretical description of which looks very attractive. But the problem is that they are not yet ready to leave the walls of the laboratories. According to the most optimistic forecasts, commercial use of, for example, quantum computers will begin no sooner than in a couple of decades. And nobody even dreams of using such equipment at home.

What’s Next?

The term “quantum leap” means that changes occur in leaps in the quantum world. It is expected that a similar leap will occur in computing technology in the coming years: by that time, we will move from traditional silicon semiconductors to more advanced technologies.

The result will be much more compact, high-speed and cheap computers. It will be possible to endow any industrial products with certain intellectual and communication skills. A can of Coke placed in a refrigerator will actually self-register on its network, and any items will be automatically ordered. Every person will use the Web every second.

Instead of Conclusion

Most likely, a completely different approach will be taken in the future – personal computers will be a kind of thin clients interacting with high-performance remote systems (for example, quantum computers).

After all, today cloud computing is actively used by both large corporations and individuals. And in the future, as the quality of access to the Network improves, the capabilities of the “clouds” will only expand. And high-performance computers that can, for example, process real-time video of really very high resolution, will be needed only by professionals. And there is no doubt – manufacturers will have something to offer them. Well, let’s observe the rapid development of the main innovation of the current and previous century.

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