The AXL Network Presale Ends on December 28, 2021; dApp Serves DeFi and NFTs

The finance world has repetitively shown that innovative projects resolving pain points are handsomely rewarded. Bitcoin went against the banking and payment processors’ aristocracy and is now worth over $880 billion, rising to $1.5 trillion early this year. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and similar ledgers are now on a similar path, massively disrupting the status quo.

While being “client-facing” and trustless is the new cool, there are limitations brought about by the old way of doing things. Although the trend set by Bitcoin and Ethereum was crucial, the decentralized nature of these chains’ operations often translates to slower adaptation–a weakness in fast-evolving sectors, especially DeFi.

The situation is exacerbated by throughput concerns and the ultra-high demand for block space, a wrecking ball on user experience. Ethereum is a prime example. It is rigid. Though complementing chains are compatible, Ethereum is incapable of reciprocally linking back. This weakness is despite an expanding ecosystem that provides millions across the globe with exceptional opportunities to enhance their standards, consequently benefiting society.

The AXL Network Multi-chain Portal Serves DeFi and NFTs

The AXL Ecosystem is launching a well-calibrated DEX tagging along with all the goodies of Ethereum and the BSC while spicing its offering with exciting features central to token swapping and NFT platforms. 

The AXL DEX has smart routing on the BSC and Ethereum blockchain, meaning users can access the benefits of either chain from one easy-to-use interface. It supports staking, yield farming, launching IDOs, liquidity providing, NFT minting, and lending and borrowing. Moreover, since it is blockchain-based advocating for client-facing operations, users need not create different accounts or log in details. Instead, by using MetaMask—and other supported browser wallets—they can easily hop in and out from one solution to another without login out or re-login. 

The AXL Token Presale Ends on December 28, 2021

There is an ongoing presale of the AXL token to involve the community. This coin primes the AXL ecosystem, serving different roles, including being a medium of exchange. The presale began on December 18, 2021, and will go on for ten days concluding on December 28, 2021. The centralized exchange is one of the most liquid and earliest in the crypto sphere. Meanwhile, there will be a private sale of the AXL token on the official website, NFTb and BitMart. 

To participate, users must first acquire BNB or ETH. These are native coins to the BSC and Ethereum networks. Afterward, they can install MetaMask or TrustWallet before swapping BNB or ETH for AXL. The swapping rate is fixed at $0.00075 per AXL. Also, at the end of the token presale, purchased coins will be distributed to investors. Investors can lay claim to their AXL on the presale page.

AXL Tokenomics and Token Characteristics 

In all, there are 25 billion AXL set aside for investors out of the 100 billion total supply. At the same time, 2.5 billion AXL has been allocated to the team. However, these tokens will be locked for three years. The AXL Network has also indicated that they will permit NFT holders to use their internal NFT network to either mint or buy NFTs. 

To sustainably support the AXL token in the long haul, there will be token burning mechanisms, buy-back opportunities, diminishing mint rate, and more to complement its primary and secondary use cases. The AXL token will also bear specific characteristics. For instance, apart from AXL token holders voting or submitting proposals, they can receive rewards through liquidity supply and freeze other tokens. 

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