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The 5-Hour Rule of Success Used By Bill Gates, Elon Musk, & Jack Ma

You must stay active if you want to be a successful person, but that’s not enough. We actively do our work at the office then we come home, tired and hungry. We grab whatever we find in the fridge and sit in front of the TV for some entertainment, and then we wake up and repeat the same cycle again. Then one day, we regret and try to calm ourselves with a wicked dream, but that doesn’t work out well. 

We aren’t saying that the activity mentioned above is terrible. Even, sometimes a little bit of Netflix and chill is needed in life but making it a regular habit is dangerous. That’s why the most successful people in the whole world spend their free time learning new things and reading some exciting books. 

Is Reading important?

All the successful people in the world don’t spend their free time watching TV as ordinary people do. A study has shown that 86% of successful people read books, and 63% of them listen to audiobooks regularly.

Even most of the millionaires read two books in a month averagely. They read blogs, articles, self-help books, & even fiction & non-fiction books to pass the time. A lot of people say that the difference between ordinary people and the millionaires is that they don’t need to do anything else like laundering, washing the dishes, or cleaning the house. On the other hand, ordinary people have a lot on their plate at the same time.

But that’s an excuse after an extent because If Barack Obama can find the time to read the books while being a president of the United States of America, then we all can find an hour to two from our busy schedule. 

What is the 5 Hour Rule of Successful People?

Benjamin Franklin makes the concept of 5 Hour Rule. Here, to make things easy, we have divided the rule into the three parts. How you spend the 5 hours from your daily routine life is the key to the whole concept. 

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Everyone who belongs to the top 1% of the people reads a lot. You can take the example of Elon Musk who has learned how to build the rocket by reading books and now he is the owner of SpaceX company. Even the founder of Alibaba has said that reading can give you a good head start and then you can learn whatever you want without any obligation. You know reading a book in a month in different genres can put your imagination to the next level. 

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