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The 5 Best Paying Cryptocurrency Jobs in 2019

People have been trying to earn cryptocurrency ever since the creation of Bitcoin back in January  2009.

However, what started out with people simply earning Bitcoin to experiment with the technology, has now evolved into dozens of cryptocurrency-specific careers.

In this article we will be analyzing the 5 highest paying cryptocurrency jobs to point you in the right direction if you are looking to work in the space.

Smart contract developer

After the ICO boom that the crypto space experienced in 2017 and 2018, many of these startups are now desperately looking for developers to bring the ideas to life that they described in their whitepaper.

Although there is some demand for developers specialized in platforms like Stellar and Tron, the vast majority of the job openings are for Solidity developers to build DApps on Ethereum.

Due to the scarcity of smart contract developers but high demand, the average salary for this position ranges from $100-150k per year.

Security auditor

Due to how new this space still is, it is notoriously hard to write blockchain-related software. Furthermore, the fact that this software is often linked to financial value and that it is fully transparent, makes it a big target for hackers.

The result of combining these two factors are software programs that are highly vulnerable, yet where a security breach can cost millions of dollars… This is where blockchain security auditors step in.

Firms like Zeppelin Solutions, which are specialized on blockchains security audits, charge north of $20k for auditing just a simple ICO smart contract. If the software is more complex than that, this price quickly goes into six figures.

Individuals that know how to review a piece of smart contract software have the option of offering their expertise as a freelancer, or joining a firm like Zeppelin. In both cases, the pay averages well over $100k per year.

Cryptocurrency Bounty Hunter

In the cryptocurrency space, “bounties” are micro-tasks like sharing a tweet or liking a facebook page which blockchain startups offer to grow their community. These bounties are usually paid in the startup’s own native token.

Cryptocurrency bounty hunters are simply the individuals that complete these tasks for a profit, usually on dedicated platforms like Bounty0x. Although the amount that a crypto bounty hunter makes greatly varies, there are several examples of individuals doing this for a living.

One inspiring example is the one of Crypto Shaolin, who explained in an interview on WIRED that he had earned $50k+ in just a few months of completing simple cryptocurrency bounties.

Cryptocurrency Writer

Although writing is not a job that is usually paid exceptionally well, that changes when the topic is highly technical like cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

There are countless offers for cryptocurrency writers on job boards like Crypto Jobs List, and demand is clearly exceeding the available workforce.

The average offer for a cryptocurrency writer averages around $0.10-0.12 per word. However, this price can go as high as $0.25 per word for individuals with at least 1 year of cryptocurrency writing experience.

Community Manager

The last job that we will be covering in this job is community management. Contrary to other industries, in the crypto world community managers actually need some technical expertise.

A good community manager not only must properly understand Blockchain technology and most major cryptocurrencies, but he must also be capable of answering technical questions about the project that he is working at.

The fact that every cryptocurrency project needs a community manager coupled with that most people don’t have enough technical skills for the job, has pushed salaries north of $65k per year.

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